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By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 25, 2014

Braised Brussels Sprouts

I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables during the week, but on Saturdays, I like to treat myself to things that have no nutritional value whatsoever. Usually this means going out to eat with my husband and getting dessert or buying a Vosges bar (I’m sadly addicted to the Barcelona). But this weekend, I made something! I made these:

Sea Salted Peanut Butter CupsSea Salted Peanut Butter Cups // …and they were so worth it. I have low blood pressure, so my doctor says I should eat more salt. Why not salt my desserts then? Sweet + salty = happy dance.

Other than that, I was pretty good about eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies this week, despite having a hectic schedule. And like last week, we had a lot of leftovers, which seems to work well for us. When we have things like frozen pizza for dinner, I always end up being hungry an hour later. On top of that, those are usually the days when we end up getting take-out–“Oh, we were just having frozen pizza for dinner, so we can save that for next week and get Thai tonight!” The side benefit of planning for leftovers is that we are spending a lot less on groceries!

Here’s what else I ate this week:

Wild Mushroom FettuciniWild Mushroom Fettuccini with Field Roast Sausage // I’ll be posting this recipe next week. I braised leeks, button mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms in white wine, added crumbled Apple Sage sausage, and tossed it with whole wheat fettuccini.

Honeycrisp Apple and CheeseHoneycrisp Apples and Raspberry BellaVitano Cheese // I found this cheese at Whole Foods and I didn’t realize until I got home that it was made with New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale. New Glarus is about 40 minutes from where we lived in Wisconsin and we went there all the time (they have a mini golf course with a goat enclosure, why wouldn’t we go there all the time?). It’s destiny! Cheese destiny!

Braised Brussels SproutsThyme-Braised Brussels Sprouts without thyme + Veggie Burgers with Caramelized Onions // My husband was in charge of the grocery list and he didn’t check to see if we had thyme. And guess what? We didn’t! We also made Brussels Sprouts with Maple and Cayenne this week–unfortunately, the picture didn’t turn out, but it’s definitely one of the best Brussels sprouts recipes I’ve had in a long time.

Yellow RaspberriesYellow Raspberries // I’ve always coveted these when I saw them at the store, but they’re so expensive. But they were on sale this week, so I finally got my chance! And they really taste no different from regular raspberries. That was kind of anticlimactic.

Mango Smoothie with BubblesMango Smoothie with Tapioca Pearls // One of the things I always complained about in Madison was the lack of fruit smoothies with tapioca pearls. There were a few places that sold them, but they were “smoothies,” not smoothies. As in, they were made with ice and fruit-flavored powder. Blech. This one was made with real mango.

Mario Batali Stuffed Acorn SquashMario Batali’s Stuffed Acorn Squash // I got this recipe from Everyday Food and it’s crazy good. Seriously, if you like acorn squash, you must make this immediately. They have this incredibly rich, satisfying flavor from being broiled in the oven.

EdamameEdamame // I love fresh edamame. This is what I eat when I watch TV instead of chips.

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Your food pictures look so beautiful!!! And delicious! I think you earned the peanut butter cups with the Brussels spouts alone. I’ve never had success making those before as in my family won’t eat them–maybe with maple and cayenne. 🙂 And I checked out the recipe for the squash–that does sound crazy good!

I never liked Brussels sprouts because I didn’t know how to cook them. I think my mom boiled them & that was how I knew them. Roasting or sauteing makes them taste SO much better & cuts some of the bitterness, although I think they’re still a difficult flavor for kids.

The squash, on the other hand, everyone will love. I mean, it’s topped with panko and cheese!

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