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By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 25, 2014

Indian Coconut Curry

I was kind of tempted to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever this week. Because there was a lot of whatever in the house. A lot! I mean, that’s kind of what happens during this week between Christmas and New Year’s, right? You have cookies for breakfast, chocolates for lunch, and leftovers for dinner. (No? You don’t have cookies for breakfast? That’s just me?) But I found that after indulging during Christmas weekend, I felt like I had my fill–I didn’t need anymore chocolate or cookies. And after my health scare last week, eating healthy was looking pretty good.

So, here’s what I ate this week. Healthy things! Light things! And naan, which isn’t very healthy or light. But it is delicious.

Indian Coconut Curry & Garlic NaanIndian Coconut Curry + Garlic Naan // This was so good! We picked up the simmer sauce at Earth Fare and used broccoli and purple cauliflower from the garden in it, along with a potato and an onion. I know I’ve said this before, but whenever I attempt to make Indian sauces, they turn out weak and meh, so I like using pre-made sauces with fresh veggies. It’s a nice little shortcut to a home-cooked meal.

Sweet Potato Nuggets with Apple Cider Dipping SauceSweet Potato Nuggets with Apple Cider Dipping Sauce // So these totally look like chicken nuggets, right? But they’re not! They’re made with sweet potatoes and bulgur. This time I added cinnamon to the apple cider dipping sauce and it was really tasty.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with GremolataSauteed Brussels Sprouts with Gremolata // After a short hiatus, the Brussels sprouts recipes are back. This was a nice, easy side dish. And very lemony!

Mushroom Pie with Flax CrustMushroom Pie in a Whole-Wheat Flax Crust // This was our Christmas dinner. While making lunch earlier that day, I sliced open my thumb on my left hand and burned my ring finger on my right hand, so my husband made this because he’s awesome like that.

Two Mushroom Barley SoupTwo-Mushroom Barley Soup // This is another recipe from Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I love this cookbook! My mom gave me a new slow cooker for Christmas (thanks, mom!), so I had to break it in this week. Soup usually doesn’t fill me up, but this one did–I guess it was the barley? Or maybe the fact that it was more of a stew than a soup? (Oh, and yes, that is my bowl and spoon! Yes, I am 30 years old! AND?!)

So did you have a lot of Christmas leftovers this week?

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Oh! I’ve never had naan before but anything with garlic and I’m game! I love my slow cooker too! There is something magical about throwing in a bunch of ingredients, leaving for the day, and then arriving home to a delicious meal.

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