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By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 25, 2014

Zero Point Soup

If it wasn’t for dessert, my Thanksgiving meal would have been pretty darn virtuous. My husband swore that if we did a big dessert, I could have a small piece and he’d eat the rest. But he lied! He’s a lying liar, that husband of mine! So since he lacked the ability to eat 7 servings of pumpkin cobbler in one sitting, I found myself having a little bit here and there all weekend long. And oh, it was good. But then I kind of regretted it.

So! This week I made a lot of lighter recipes to help me get back on track. (And garlic bread.) Here’s what I ate this week:

Apple Miso Tofu from Appetite for ReductionApple-Miso Tofu // I know, I know. This sounds weird, right? I decided to make this because we had miso, but I was worried that it would gross. But no! It’s not! It’s absolutely delicious! The recipe is from Appetite For Reduction, a fabulous low-fat vegan cookbook.

Weight Watchers Zero Point SoupWeight Watchers Zero Point Soup // I had intended on making this myself, but work got in the way, so my husband made it for me. I substituted butternut squash for the carrots and added extra veggies because that’s how I roll. We froze the soup in individual portions and I’ve been having it for lunch with crackers and cheese.

Braised Cabbage with Seitan from Appetite for ReductionBraised Cabbage with Seitan + Baked Potatoes // This is another one from Appetite For Reduction. And like the last one, I know it looks kind of gross. I know! It totally looks like hippie food, right? But it’s savory and filling and it reminds me of when my mom would make cabbage and potatoes with corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day.

Golden Potato and Gouda TartGolden Potato & Gouda Tart + Whole Grain Garlic Bread // I ended up getting a subscription to Shape for free somehow (I think when Radar magazine ceased publication–I was one of its 12 subscribers) and this recipe is from some silly “Here’s what you should eat at every age!” feature. And this is what women in their 30s should eat. Golden Potato & Gouda Tarts! Everyday! All day! Nothing but Golden Potato & Gouda Tarts! I feel bad for making fun of the article, though, because the recipe is pretty good (although we made a lot of adjustments).

Spicy Stir Fried Broccoli and PeanutsSpicy Stir-Fried Broccoli & Peanuts // I love a good peanut sauce.

Did you make lighter meals this week to compensate for Thanksgiving over-indulgence?

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Well, what I did eat/drink and what I should have are not quite on the same page…… I signed up for too many cookie/holiday treat swaps this holiday! Next week, I’ll be stealing some of your recipes to make a health week!!

Your first paragraph here on this post cracked me up! But I bet it must feel nice to be eating healthy again. The apple miso tofu looks interesting. I’ve never had it that way before, but it looks like a very healthy appetizer I would like to try!

Oh these look great! I think I would love the soup! I also like freezing things. Then I don’t need to cook so much!

Best regards to you lying husband. 🙂 I’m getting back on the semi-healthy wagon starting today.

I am all about freezing stuff and deliberately making meals with leftovers lately. It’s amazing how much time it frees up.

I was on the healthy wagon all week until somehow I ate a cupcake yesterday. A cupcake with more frosting than cake. Oops! How did that happen!?

I actually tried to cook more this past week to make up for the previous week. I have never used miso. I love miso soup. Just very simple taste, in the way that chicken soup is a very simple taste. I’ve never used it in cooking though.

We seriously barely ate this week after Thanksgiving. We just kind of picked. I super want to try the Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup {My MIL was a leader for awhile so she has been on me to try the soup} & the Stir-Fry! Yummm.

I didn’t feel like cooking this week, which doesn’t work well if you want lighter meals. The Weight Watchers zero point soup is great, I haven’t made it in months but I am going to make it today after reading this!

I had actually planned to do the Master Cleanse (which I’ve done once) but, well, i didn’t. Instead of depriving myself during this eating season I’m putting it off until early next year. (Maybe mid-January?)

I’ve made that Weight Watcher’s 0 point soup and it’s not bad! I mean, 0 points for a filling meal is pretty much a win-win.

YUM! The soup and the broccoli look delicious. I’m finally finishing up my leftover cabbage/potato/sausage mix. I offered Lily a grilled cheese or more leftovers and she was all over the cabbage 🙂

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