What I Ate This Week | Samosa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes & A Whole Mess of Strawberries

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 24, 2014

Samosa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I’m on my way to Nashville today for a 3-day weekend, with a stop in Asheville, NC on the way back. Nashville is one of those cities that I’ve driven through many times, but haven’t actually visited. Recommendations for things to do (and places to eat) are definitely welcome because I’m probably going to be frantically researching this stuff on the way there.

Here’s what I ate this week:

Samosa Stuffed Sweet PotatoesSamosa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Culinary Colleen // I used edamame instead of peas and I accidentally used the jalapeño I got for this in another recipe (oops), but these were really good. I love that they’re stuffed with roasted cauliflower because roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite things.

No-Knead Crusty Artisan BreadNo-Knead Crusty Artisan Bread from The Comfort of Cooking // I was worried about this because the dough was a lot wetter than it should have been thanks to the humidity in the air, but it turned out crusty and delicious. I added fresh minced rosemary to the dough. I’m so happy that we decided to put in an herb garden last year–it’s awesome having fresh herbs whenever I need them.

French Onion Grilled CheeseFrench Onion Grilled Cheese from American Meltdown at the Food Truck Rodeo // I didn’t get to eat delicious dumplings because the line was literally an hour long. (And I don’t throw around the word literally! I am not one of those people!) But we did get grilled cheese sandwiches, also after waiting about an hour. And they were delicious!

Spicy Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping SauceSpicy Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce from Gourmet Live // These are a little bit embarrassing looking, so I put the wonky rolls in the background so you can’t see that they’re bursting open and lopsided and I focused on the sauce instead. Ignore the rolls! Look at the sauce! I’m just not good at things like rolling up summer rolls. It probably doesn’t help that I have the fine motor skills of a drunken one-armed monkey. These were a little messy to eat because, well, they were breaking open, but they were still delicious!

Vanilla Pear SparklerVanilla Pear Sparkler from Homemade Soda // A few years ago when Borders was closing, Chris and I went and bought bags and bags full of discounted books. And this was one of them! I have a SodaStream, which I love love love, but I hate the syrups they sell, so I’m always looking for different ideas and this book is full of them.

Red StrawberriesRed Strawberries! // Whenever I go outside lately, there are more strawberries to pick. Never! Ending! Strawberries! It’s the best time of the year. You should really grow strawberries. I’m growing them in our crappy clay soil, I rarely water them, and they’re doing phenomenally. And if you can’t grow your own strawberries, try to buy them locally while they’re in season. When they’re not grown to withstand shipping across the country, they are so much sweeter and they don’t crunch when you bite into them.

Yellow StrawberriesYellow Strawberries! // No, these aren’t unripe! They’re yellow strawberries, which are actually more like white strawberries, and they’re tiny, sweet, and strangely oblong. I’ve found that the best way to tell when these are ripe is by feel (they’re soft when they’re ready to pick) and size.

Guinness Pretzel TrufflesGuinness-Pretzel Truffles from Sprinkle Bakes // Chocolate and beer–need I say more? I made these for Chris’s birthday since he’s not really a cake person.

May Conscious BoxMay Conscious Box // Have I mentioned that I subscribe to an obscene number of subscription boxes? I thought I’d start reviewing each month that I get (for the food-related ones at least) in my WIATW posts. I switched from regular Conscious Box to the vegan one and this is the first I’ve received, and probably also the most underwhelming I’ve gotten so far because it’s pretty light on snacks (which are usually my favorite part of getting these boxes). Perhaps I should switch back to non-vegan? The Graw Bar was my favorite thing in here, although I haven’t tried anything else yet. Cinnamon toothpaste sounds pretty interesting though, no?

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Oh! And Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie at the Family Wash. Its about the most lentil-loaded richness any vegetarian could every dream of.

They were awesome–thank you for the recipe! 🙂 I’ll have to remember your suggestion for next time. Which I guess will have to be a longer trip now that I have all these restaurant suggestions!

I am lazy sometimes for dinner so a filled potato is always a useful idea! Would love some strawberries in the UK but may need to wait a little longer for some sun 🙂 Lovely blog!

Potatoes loaded with veggies are one of my favorite convenience meals! You can put just about anything on them and they’re always tasty. 🙂

In Nashville, check out The Wild Cow vegetarian restaurant on Eastland Ave. Definitely my favorite restaurant and not too far from downtown either.

I can’t wait to try those sweet potatoes. Are yellow strawberries a North Carolina thing? I’ve never seen them before but they look amazing.

Hope you had a great trip to Nashville. I’ve never seen yellow strawberries. At first I did think they were unripe. Interesting! Hum – I have a couple of small beds with some really crappy soil. I wonderful if strawberries would grow there. It gets a lot of sun, it’s just bad soil. I’ll have to check it out.

Give them a try! Our soil is straight up clay here and my strawberries are thriving, despite their preference for loamy soil. In fact, I think they’re doing better in the ground than they did when I had them in the raised beds with the better dirt.

I did the same thing with my stuffed cabbage rolls, hiding the sloppy ones for the photo! Your summer rolls look lovely, nothing wonky about those at all. And those little yellow strawberries are ever so cute!

What?! I had no idea it was so easy to grow your own strawberries! So doing this next year b/c I swear I pay a small fortune buying an obscene amount of strawberries this time of year. Hope you enjoyed the food in Nashville 🙂

My mom swears that when planting strawberries one should lay down a piece of plastic then poke a hole in the middle and plant. The plastic under the strawberries keeps them clean. She said she saw them doing that at some big strawberry place.

Love this idea for the samosa stuffed sweet potatoes. I made some samosas with my dad and we stuffed ours with sweet potatoes and feta – divine combo!

Oh man, I LOVE American Meltdown! While not technically a vegetarian (I could never give up fish/shellfish), I only occasionally eat meat. I will, however, break that rule any day for their “Pigs ‘n Figs” sandwich. SO delicious! Although now I’m quite tempted to try the French Onion one. 🙂

If things were a little less chaotic at the Food Truck Rodeo, I totally would have ordered the Pigs ‘n Figs sans pigs. 🙂 Because that sounded SO GOOD. The French Onion grilled cheese is definitely worth a try!

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