What I Ate This Week | Raw Salad, Raw Brownies and Cooked Cabbage Rolls

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 24, 2014

Super Duper Raw Power Salad

One of the things I got out of my failed juice cleanse experiment was the push I needed to add more raw foods to my diet. I have no desire to eat 100% raw, but when it comes to vegetables, I definitely prefer cooked, which means that my eating habits are not as well-rounded as they should be. I hate most salads, can’t stand the thought of eating an uncooked carrot, and the only way I consume raw spinach is in smoothie form. And while I like nuts and seeds, I’ve always steered clear of them because they are so high in calories.

But now I am trying to do better! And I even found a salad that I love too. Here’s what I ate this week:

Super Duper Raw Power SaladSuper Duper Raw Power Salad from The Spicy RD // Usually the ingredients I object to in salads are the dressing, the lettuce, and the tomatoes. Well, I love this salad because it doesn’t have lettuce or tomatoes and the dressing is absolutely perfect. Not too much vinegar and not creamy either. (I hate creamy salad dressings!) I used an apricot vinegar instead of apple cider and replaced the dried cherries with raisins. Chris and I had this for lunch all week and we both agreed that we should make salads like this more often.

Raw Hazelnut Brownie BitesRaw Hazelnut Brownie Bites from Spabettie // OMG. These brownies. Make them! I used dates instead of figs since that’s what I had on hand and my food processor wasn’t pleased with this, so I had to add a little too much water to the recipe. I ended up using my cookie scoop to form balls (exactly 24 of them), I froze the balls on a cookie sheet, and then popped them all in a freezer bag. They taste like frozen balls of brownie batter–they do not taste healthy at all. They’re only 56 calories each (when made with dates), so they’ve replaced my usual small cookie or piece of candy for dessert. (See, I told you I was serious about switching out my junk desserts for for raw ones!)

Lentil Stuffed Cabbage LeavesLentil Stuffed Cabbage Leaves from Greek Vegetarian // Chris will eat just about anything, but he’s not a fan of cabbage. He totally gave me the side-eye when I wanted to put this on the menu because the last time I made cabbage rolls he was unimpressed. But he loved these and so did I. (I actually made these a few weeks ago, but didn’t have the chance to write about them until now.)

Champagne Mango with Flax & CinnamonChampagne Mango with Cinnamon and Flax Seeds // Remember how I used cinnamon and ground flax to make graham crumbs for my Vegan Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries? I’ve been putting that on fresh fruit now too. Like mangoes! This is my new favorite snack.

Sweet Leaf Tea & Teriyaki Sunflower SeedsSweet Leaf Tea + Kaia Foods Teriyaki Sunflower Seeds // More snacks! We bought these sunflower seeds for the raw food part of our cleanse and they are my other new favorite snack. (The curry flavor is super good too.) And then I received some samples from Sweet Leaf tea, which I’ve been sipping on all week. I am so picky about my iced tea–so many of the big name brands are just gross, but Sweet Leaf tastes like it’s made with real tea leaves. Because it is made with real tea leaves! So yay for that!

Roasted Eggplant SlicesRoasted Eggplant Slices // Have I posted these before? Probably, because I make them all the time. I sprinkle some eggplant slices with Italian seasoning and a little sea salt, roast for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees, and they’re done. EASY. They’re a good side to have with pasta and they’re awesome with a little tomato sauce on top. They’re also part of my Lightened-Up Eggplant Parmesan Stacks recipe.

Asparagus Summer TartAsparagus Summer Tart from Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking // After making the Zucchini and Lemon Spaghetti from Food, I made this tart. (You can find the recipe here if you don’t have the book.) I’d add less cheese next time, but other than that, it was so good! Caramelized onions, fresh spring asparagus, flaky pastry–what’s not to love, right?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post, so if you were to make a purchase from them, I would get a small percentage of the sale. Then I will totally buy myself a Squirrel Attack Mug and I will thank you whenever I drink my morning tea.

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Everything looks so delicious. I love the asparagus tart and want to try that. Also, I very much agree with you, after having lived in the South and loved the sweet tea, Sweet Leaf is the only one I’ve had that comes close to the real thing.

The asparagus tart looks amazing!! I just can’t get enough of asparagus this season. I’m boring, so I keep eating it roasted with just olive oil, salt, and pepper. I just love the pure taste of it, though Joe made some Hollandaise a couple times. And now I see what you stuffed your cabbage rolls with! Yum. And because I miss brownies badly now that I’m eating mostly healthy, I have to check out those raw brownie bites.

The raw salad was delicious! Even my meat loving, kale disliking fiancé had seconds. I just took out the edamame because I am not a fan, but the rest stayed in and was fantastic. I definitely want more salads like this! Yum.

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