What I Ate This Week | Pasta with Mustard Greens & Other Kitchen Experiments

By Kiersten | Last Updated: February 28, 2014

Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions & Mustard Greens

The time change has really messed with my cooking and photography schedule. I keep forgetting that I have to start working on dinner an hour earlier than I did last week. The upside of this is that I’m getting some good practice with low light photography. It’s hard to resist the urge to go into Photoshop and up the exposure on everything, though.

But enough of that! Here’s what I ate this week:

Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions & Mustard GreensWhole Wheat Fettuccine with Caramelized Onions & Mustard Greens from Martha Stewart Living // I wasn’t really on board with how the onions were caramelized in this recipe. Ten minutes on medium-high heat–what WHAT?! So I caramelized the onions my way. I was worried about not liking the mustard greens (especially since I’m growing so many of them!), but they were fantastic in this–not too bitter, just enough to make it interesting.

Curried Pumpkin WedgesCurried Pumpkin Wedges // This is a mash up of the roasted pumpkin wedges from this salad from Baker By Nature and these Curried Squash Fries by Gen Y Foodie. As soon as I can get my hands on some delicata squash, I am making those fries!

Roasted Sriracha EdamameRoasted Sriracha Edamame // I found this recipe in Whole Living and had wanted to try it for a while, but I wasn’t sure about the cranberries, so I omitted them and added some sriracha. These didn’t have the texture I thought they would–they were only slightly crispy on the outside and the inside was completely soft. They were good, just no “satisfying crunch,” like the recipe promised.

Pumpkin Grilled CheesePumpkin Grilled Cheese from Bake Your Day // Yeah, another grilled cheese. I can’t stop myself! I knew this would be delicious, but it ended up being even better than I imagined. I used aged cheddar in it–so, so yummy! If you have leftover pumpkin puree, this is the perfect way to use it.

Earl Grey TrufflesEarl Grey Truffles // These truffles are a hot mess, I know! I tried enrobing them in chocolate (ooh, so fancy!), and it did not work, so they look all lumpy. From now on I’m sticking to rolling my truffles in crushed candy canes or cocoa powder. The upside is that I completely improvised a recipe for Earl Grey truffles and they were amazing. I am one step closer to my lifelong dream of opening a chocolate shop.

Hello, cats!

Cats on Couch
I had to throw in a cat photo this week. Had to! No choice! We have a screened-in porch and they love sitting out there and getting some sun. And I feel a little bit bad posting this when other parts of the country are getting snow right now…

Thanksgiving Feature Starting Next Week

My Thanksgiving collaboration with Rikki starts next week! My publishing schedule is going to be a little bit different–I’m going to be posting recipes Monday through Thursday, and then on Friday I’m going to do a wrap up post with the entire Thanksgiving meal that we put together. So if you’re an email subscriber, you’ll get an extra email next week. (But you’ll get one less email the week after, so hey, it evens out!)

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