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By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 4, 2012

Mystery Citrus Fruit

We ate a lot of potatoes this week. A lot. I had a huge bag of Yukon Gold potatoes to use up, a Russet potato, and somehow we ended up buying three obscenely large bags of Alexia fries at BJ’s last weekend. But that’s okay, because I love potatoes. Love! Them!

Here’s what I ate this week:

Mystery Citrus FruitMystery Citrus Honey Murcott Tangerines // I bought these because they were adorable and cheap and now I don’t remember what they’re called. I think it was honey something? And after Googling, I found a fruit called honeybells, but they’re Minneolas and these definitely aren’t Minneolas. They’re easy to peel like clementines, but much smaller and more tart. WHAT ARE THESE?! [ETA: Mystery solved–I found out they’re Honey Murcott Tangerines when I went back to Whole Foods this weekend.]

Pesto Potato Salad with Artichoke Hearts & Sun-Dried TomatoesPesto Potato Salad with Artichokes & Sun-Dried Tomatoes // We had this with tempeh. I made it when I was on my lunch break (love working from home!) so when dinner rolled around, all I had to do was cook the tempeh and dinner was ready.

Vegan Pepper Jack Potato Corn CakesPepper Jack Potato Corn Cakes // I used fresh corn on the cob the last time I made these, but this time I used Trader Joe’s roasted corn, which worked really well. I’m not a big fan of frozen corn, but that roasted corn is actually sweet and flavorful and not mushy and bland.

Burger and Oven FriesBlack Bean Burger with Sauteed Onions + Oven Fries with Balsamic Ketchup // Not only did we have a lot of fries and potatoes to use up, but we also had a boatload of ketchup in the fridge. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Vegan Dark Chocolate Pomegranate MousseVegan Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse // This was my weekend treat. I swear, you would never know it’s made with tofu.

…and guess what? I am now more than halfway through my project of re-photographing my old recipe posts. I’m hoping to finish in May and then I’ll be able to cook more recipes from other sources again. So thanks for bearing with me as I replace all my crappy pictures and shamelessly promote the new ones in these posts.

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No, although I do love satsumas. These are really small–smaller than the smallest clementines I’ve seen. I’m hoping they still have them this weekend so I can a) buy some more and b) figure out what they’re called.

I think honeybells are a type of tangelo? But definitely smaller than a tangelo. This is driving me insane! I think it might be a cross between something & a kumquat because of the size and tartness…

I’ll tell you what pic #1 is….food porn baby! That is a gorgeous pic!

You know I have been very tempted to re-photography my pics as well but several big bloggers have recommended against it to “see how far you’ve come.” I am trying to listen but I’m thinking I could take the old pics and put them in a “not for public consumption” folder on the desktop and be okay with that. You may have just nudged me in that direction! (You’re such a bad influence! HA!)

Yeah, I heard the same exact thing from everyone–no one, no one, thought it was a good idea. But I figured that I have to make dinner anyway, so the only extra time it would require from me is in photographing everything. And I have the old photos on my computer still, so I can see how far I’ve come, even if other people can’t. 🙂

Here’s my thinking: I get a lot of search engine traffic on some of my older recipes, and I feel like if people come to my blog that way & the first thing they see is a gross looking picture (and some of my old pictures were REALLY gross looking–the food was just slopped on the plates cafeteria style), they’re probably not going to poke around or come back. So yeah, it’s kind of revisionist, but I think marketing-wise, it makes sense. Plus, some of the re-photographed posts were popular on Pinterest, so I’m getting a boost in traffic from it too. Haters can hate on, I’m glad I decided to do it! 😉

Thank you! Photographing so many of my meals has been great practice for me with food photography–now I really need to follow your example and get out of the house and photograph other things too! 🙂

You are very sweet! I haven’t gotten to be out much with my camera since I started back to work; so I’m looking forward to getting back out there soon. I need to get better lighting for my food photos. I love my little cottage; but it does not have the best light…particularly when I get home at night. The food that you eat is amazing. Not only does it sound delicious when you describe it; but it is visually appealing, as well. You capture that and share it with every post. Thank you for your inspiration!

I’m sorry you haven’t had much time for your photography lately. I keep resolving to cut down on my work hours so I can focus on pursuing freelance writing, but as soon as I cut them for one job, I end up picking up hours on the other. I wish we lived in a world where we could all make money doing what we love!

I bought an umbrella light for around $20 on Amazon for those pesky evening photo shoots. Many of the pictures on my blog are taken at night! Although since I work from home, sometimes I will stop work around 3 so I can have dinner done at 4, but I hate doing that because then I have to work until 6 or 7. So I do end up taking a lot of night photos and the light is pretty good.

Thank you for the kind words about my photos & writing. That means a lot! 🙂

I think it will be easier when the time changes next week to get better photos. I love the natural light. I bought some lights recently; but I just need to get them all set up. If they don’t work out like I am hoping that they will, I will look at getting one of those lights. $20 is not a bad investment for good photos. Thank you for the suggestion!

Love the Anthropologie basket, great picture! One of my fave stores.
Honeybells have that funny shape. I’d think they were some sort of clementine or tangerine, hope you figure it out because now you have me curious. Everything looks delicious, especially those oven fries!

Sorry, no clue what that mystery citrus is. I love that you’re re-photographing all your old posts, though! I look at my posts from 3 years ago and cringe. And that chocolate mousse looks awfully good. Have fun!

I went back to Whole Foods yesterday and found out it’s the Honey Murcott Tangerine. I was thrown off by the size! And then this week, there were only a few small ones left and the rest were about the size of satsumas.

I don’t think there are many food bloggers who don’t cringe at the photos they took when they started! 🙂

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