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By Kiersten | Last Updated: February 17, 2012

Caramelized Onion Hummus

As I type this, our furnace is out and my fingers are like icicles and I’m about 5 minutes away from turning on the oven and sticking my hands inside. I don’t understand how 60 degrees can feel so warm and pleasant outside, but inside, it feels absolutely frigid. Shiver. So let’s get down to business so I can turn off my computer and sit in front of the fireplace until my extremities are no longer numb. Here’s what I ate this week:

Caramelized Onion HummusCaramelized Onion Hummus // I officially give up on trying to make hummus myself. I can never get it right. I had planned on posting this recipe next week, but it was a disaster. It was way too thick and the more liquid I added to thin it out, the blander it got. So I give up! If you want a hummus recipe that involves caramelized onions, try this one: Baked Asiago & Caramelized Onion Hummus.

Thai Green Curry VegetablesThai Green Curry Vegetables + Brown Rice // We bought a jar of green curry sauce the last time we were at Trader Joe’s. I had no idea what to serve it with, so I used an eggplant, mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli, and basil leaves. The sauce was a little bit too spicy for me, although the flavor was nice and fairly authentic.

Blooming BreadBlooming Bread // I found this recipe from Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen on Photograzing–it’s bread stuffed with caramelized onions, cheese, (veggie) bacon, and mushrooms. The grocery store was out of ciabatta rolls, so I got a rosemary demi baguette instead and I skipped the bacon, but THIS IS SO GOOD! So good that I had to put it in all caps. Make this now!

Farro Risotto with Wild Mushrooms and AsparagusFarro Risotto with Wild Mushrooms & Asparagus // Risotto is a lot of work when you make it with rice and it’s still a lot of work when you make it with farro. But in my humble opinion, farro risotto is more worth the effort than risotto made with rice.

Chocolate Gingerbread Cheesecake BarsChocolate Gingerbread Cheesecake Bars // These were my treat for the week. Well, they were more like my husband’s treat, since he ate most of them. It works out well that way.

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Oh my goodness….that. bread. Can I just make a big bed of that to replace my mattress and eat at my leisure? (I should learn not to type the first thing that pops into my head!)

Okay you’re giving me hummus fright. I was going to attempt to make them but now I’m envisioning I should have a more “rustic” outcome in mind?

Have a great weekend!

HA! Well, you certainly can, but whether or not that’s a good idea, I’m not sure. 😉

I was talking to someone about making hummus on Twitter & she said that the reason the restaurant hummus is better than homemade is because restaurants use a large amount of olive oil. And if you think of the texture of restaurant hummus, it kind of makes sense. So! If you make hummus at home and don’t want to use half a bottle of olive oil, be prepared for the fact that it’s going to be a little bit thicker.

REALLY good hummus escapes me too….i used canned chickpeas (with the skins removed…pain in the butt but makes a difference) lots of garlic, good garlic infused olive oil, sea salt and lemon. it’s passable but not fabulous.
on to “the bread” be still my heart! just looking at the picture gives me the warm fuzzies! I may print it and put it in my wallet! talk about food porn! yessir, that’s my baby!

I used to use canned chickpeas, but this time I tried with dried ones. I don’t know if I have the patience to remove the skins. 😉

Make that bread! It’s easy to omit the cheese and make it vegan–the caramelized onions will do the same job of making everything stick together. Oh, it was so good.

No heat!?!?! That sucks! Put on a neck warmer and gloves (I once heard that most of your heat escapes through your wrists and neck!). Anyways, it always works for me.

That blooming bread looks to die for. I posted a hummus recipe on your FB page from cook’s illustrated that always works for me! Good luck!

YES! Chris fixed it when I was talking to you on Monday & then it went out again and he couldn’t figure it out. It turned out to be some issue with the wiring–luckily it’s fixed now, but it was a struggle to actually get someone to come out here to take care of it.

Thanks for the hummus recipe–maybe I will give it another try. I need to start harassing restaurants for their recipe!

I’ll second that “one my goodness, this bread” comment! I’m trying to cut some calories right now but I know me and my BF will both love this. I’m not taht dedicated to cutting calories anyways. If I try this I’ll definitely post about it… yummmm!

I’m drooling over that sandwich! I am making this ASAP. BTW–thank you again for the lesson on how to caramelize onions 🙂

The Thai Green Curry Vegetables…egad!
My daughter walked into the room as I was looking at this post and I swear to God she gasped! She said, and I quote, ” What is that deliciousness? I want to eat it right through the screen! “

Ha! Well, if you have Trader Joe’s by you, I think it’s just called Thai Green Curry or something like that. Just dump it on a protein and/or veggies, heat it, and you’re done! I can never manage to get Thai or Indian sauces right, so I always cheat & buy the jarred ones.

I’ve made hummus a couple of times and while it tasted okay, I can’t ever get the texture as smooth and creamy as the storebought kind. For the time/effort and money saved, I think it’s better for me to just buy it premade in this case 🙂

Yes! For me, I either get the texture right (rarely!) or the flavor right, but not both! I don’t care for most store bought hummus, but I love the Harris Teeter store brand & the hummus from Trader Joe’s. And Trader Joe’s has amaaazing edamame hummus too. 🙂

I want every single thing on this post. Our main sink went on the blitz so I cannot wash dishes without heading upstairs the the bathtub. I am living off raw nuts and bananas. lol

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