What I Ate This Week | BBQ Sweet Potato Naan Pizzas Are Everything Delicious

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 23, 2014

Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion BBQ Naan Pizzas

I think I use naan as a pizza crust more than I actually use it as naan. You know how when you’re 10 and you discover English muffin pizzas and then everyday after school, you’re making English muffin pizzas because they are the easiest, best snack? Naan pizzas are the adult equivalent of that.

Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion BBQ Naan PizzasSweet Potato & Caramelized Onion BBQ Cheddar Pizza from Once Upon a Cutting Board // These are all the best foods on one pizza. So obviously, this pizza is delicious. And you make it on naan so it’s easy too!

Portabella Mushrooms Stuffed with Herbed ChickpeasPortabella Mushrooms Stuffed with Herbed Chickpeas from Vegan Richa // Oh, these are so good! I cooked the onions and carrots first and omitted the breadcrumbs, which were optional.

Maple Tempeh with Herbed QuinoaMaple Tempeh with Herbed Quinoa from Nutrition Stripped // This is a quick, healthy weeknight meal. The maple-glazed tempeh pairs perfectly with the cranberries and orange juice in the quinoa.

Sriracha & Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Butternut SquashSriracha & Maple Roasted Brussels & Butternut Squash from Baker By Nature // Sweet and spicy Brussels sprouts! I reduced the cooking time on this because my sprouts were on the small side and after 30 minutes, they were done. You can top these with fried eggs to make a meal; serving them over quinoa would work too I think.

Baked Quinoa FalafelBaked Quinoa Falafel Sandwiches // These are photographed pre-sandwiching. I tried making my own quinoa falafel recipe a few months ago and it was a massive failure, so I’m sticking with this recipe from now on because it was easy and tasty!

Orange Cranberry-Glazed Butternut Squash NoodlesOrange-Cranberry Glazed Butternut Squash Noodles with Honey Roasted Pecans from Inspiralized // I’ve written many times about my love for my spiralizer, and Inspiralized is an entire blog devoted to spiralizer recipes. Yes! So if you have a spiralizer, you must check it out. I guess it was the cranberries, but this recipe reminded me of Thanksgiving in a bowl.

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I’m so honored that you enjoyed and included my quinoa falafel! Thanks so much!

Also, I love everything on that naan pizza… I ate English muffin pizzas too when I was a kid, but they were usually made with kraft singles and ketchup. Totally disgusting, but delicious to my ten year old self. These naan pizzas, on the other hand, look amazing 🙂

Cringing at the thought of Kraft singles and ketchup on an English muffin, but YES, that is so something that I would have done too. I loved being “creative” with my food. 🙂

i make tortilla pizzas these days. i bit lighter on the bread and still super fun! i love that chickpea stuffing. i can eat it just like that! thanks for trying it out and loving it!

Okay, I laughed out loud about the English muffin pizzas – so true! My older brother even got me to make HIS because “mine were better” (key is to pre-toast muffins, add everything and then toast again). I was such a sucker – I fell for it ever time! I still make them for dinner (with a salad now) a few times a month. Thanks for the new naan version – nice!

The naan makes an amazing pizza crust. Thanks so much – just tried it for the first time and I was really pleased. I used the whole grain naan so it was good and healthy with some extra fiber. I can see that pretty much any veggie topping would work well on naan!

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