What I Ate This Week | Baked Pumpkin Mac & Cheese!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: May 31, 2014

Baked Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I am not planning on doing any shopping today, but I am planning on making some meatballs to photograph. Yay, right?

So after a week and a half of posting about Thanksgiving, I’m sure you’re all wondering what I made yesterday. Well, this is what we had:

Thanksgiving DinnerRandom things from Whole Foods! I know you were probably expecting so much more, but I started working on Thanksgiving recipes in September and I did not want to make another Thanksgiving dinner. And since our families are back in Illinois and it was just the two of us, it seemed silly to make a ton of food (again).

Here’s what else I ate this week:

Baked Pumpkin Mac & CheeseCreamy Pumpkin Baked Rigatoni from Kitchen Treaty // I made a few substitutions with this recipe, based on what I had on hand: whole wheat penne and fusilli instead of rigatoni, fresh sage leaves instead of a bay leaf (and I fried up a few sage leaves to put on top too), and shredded Parmesan instead of grated. Amazingness. It totally tasted like mac and cheese–Chris was shocked that there was no cheese in the sauce at all.

Napa Cabbage Salad with Maple Sesame VinaigretteRaw Kale, Cabbage & Carrot Chopped Salad with Maple Sesame Vinaigrette from Gourmande in the Kitchen // I bought kale for this salad, but I ended up using it in something else and the bok choy at the grocery store was looking sad, so this is pretty much a Napa cabbage salad. Not as exciting (or pretty) as the original, but we still loved it.

Black Bean & Winter Squash Veggie BurgerBlack Bean & Winter Squash Veggie Burger from Two Tarts // Okay, I’m pretty embarrassed about this photo. We ate dinner really late, so this is the next day’s leftovers that I had for lunch with an Aurora apple. (White apples! Is this the world we live in?!) Don’t let the looks fool you, this veggie burger was delicious! And as far as veggie burgers go, the recipe was pretty easy too.

Cranberry Sauce Grilled Cheese SandwichCranberry Grilled Cheese // One Thanksgiving dish I did make again this week was my Ginger Orange Cranberry Sauce, but mostly so I could make grilled cheese sandwiches with it. So much messy goodness.

Whole wheat muffins made with cranberry sauceWhole Wheat Muffins from The Kitchn // I also stirred some of the leftover cranberry sauce into these muffins. I made them with fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream so they were a wee bit denser, but I don’t mind a dense muffin.

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Prepared foods from Whole Foods sounds like a great idea when it’s just two people. I saw your grilled cheese sandwich while I was away in N.Y. and I’ve been dreaming of it since. I’m going to get some cheddar and bread on my day off tomorrow, stat! And use my cranberry relish. And the baked rigatoni sounds really good!

I hope it lives up to your expectations! 😀 I will probably make another batch of cranberry sauce (or maybe your relish) for grilled cheese sandwiches. I totally look forward to them after Thanksgiving.

Mmm! Sparse photo or not, that veggie burger looks tastier than any I’ve ever had. You’ve succeeded at making me extra hungry! Love your beautiful blog, thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

Thank you! I have trouble finding good veggie burger recipes (well, they usually taste good, but they fall apart when you cook them!), so this is definitely one to try. 🙂

I made the pumpkin mac and cheese this week! I havent really had mac and cheese before so I wasnt sure what to expect, but it was good! I used the bay leaf because I didnt have sage, but I think that would have been delicious 🙂

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