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By Kiersten | Last Updated: February 1, 2014

Quinoa with Delicata Squash & Pomegranate

Somehow most of the meals I planned for the week fell through for one reason or another. This makes me agitated because I LIKE PLANS. And not having plans for dinner throws me into a tizzy. I know there are a lot of people in this world who decide what they’re having dinner just before they start making it and honestly, I kind of admire them for it. But that’s just not my way.

Here’s what I ate this week:

Quinoa with Delicata Squash & PomegranateQuinoa with Acorn Squash & Pomegranate from A Thought For Food // This is the one dinner that did work out as planned, although I used delicata squash in it. I also used rainbow quinoa because it’s pretty. But this whole dish is pretty! Just look at it! It made a lovely light dinner and I think I will add it to my lunch rotation.

BBQ Tempeh Bacon Grilled CheeseBBQ Bacon Grilled Cheese // I used tempeh bacon to make these sandwiches and if we can pinpoint where the week started to go downhill meal planning-wise, this was it. I forgot that I was saving half the bacon for another recipe and cooked all of it. Oops. So anyway, back to this sandwich: in addition to the tempeh bacon, it has sharp cheddar and barbecue sauce on it. Easy!

Pesto MacPesto Mac, Guest Starring Sad Frozen Broccoli // This is the kind of meal you have to serve with an apology. “Sorry.” I really thought that this would work out and it’s a good idea, but executed poorly. Which is what happens when I don’t have a meal plan! I decided I could eyeball the sauce ingredients instead of measuring them out, but nope. I think I might try to revisit this in the future, but I need to let some time pass to get the memory of this version out of my head.

Sauteed Kale with Apples & Caramelized OnionsSauteed Kale with Apples & Caramelized Onions // I had been planning on making this Sauteed Kale with Apples & Bacon from Real Simple with the tempeh bacon, but clearly that didn’t work out, so I needed to improvise. I decided to caramelize the onions first (although they didn’t completely caramelize because I was in a hurry) and to add some of the smokiness that was missing from the bacon, I seasoned this with hickory salt. I actually think I liked this better than I would have with the tempeh bacon. Success!

Chocolate Covered SatsumasChocolate Dipped Clementines with Sea Salt // This is my favorite desperation dessert. These are SO GOOD. I posted this about a year ago, but I figured it was worth mentioning again. Satsumas were on sale this week, so I bought a big bag of them and have been making these as an evening snack.

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