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By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 23, 2012

Japanese Fries

My husband and I are both from the same town in Illinois, so we visited our families there last weekend. We’ve only seen my family once since moving to North Carolina and we haven’t seen my husband’s family at all. We were going to go to Illinois for Christmas, but decided to wait until the spring when the weather would be nicer. Because I knew I wanted to do an epic (YES, EPIC!) trip to IKEA while we were there, we ended up driving. So this post isn’t just what I ate this week–it’s what we did this week too…

Fog in VirginiaVirginia is full of hills and fog!

Hyatt SchaumburgWhen I was a kid, I thought that rich people and/or aliens stayed at this hotel. And now I’m staying there! (I am neither rich nor an alien.)

Japanese FriesWe ate lunch at Mitsuwa and shared Japanese fries. Japanese fries are superior to American fries because Japanese fries are flavored with delicious powders. And yes, I know that “flavored powders” basically goes against everything I’m about on this blog. But I’m also about making exceptions once in a while. So there!

Green Tea Custard Pancake…and I got a Japanese pancake filled with green tea custard. I could eat these everyday.

IKEA HaulI bought a very life-like artificial plant, curtains (finally!), fabric, and a bunch of other stuff not pictured here from IKEA.

Louisville from the CarMy phone takes pretty impressive pictures while the car is moving. (This is Louisville, by the way.)

And then we got back to North Carolina and felt absolutely sick from all the food we ate in Illinois. It was time for home cooking again. No more green tea pancakes!

Polenta with Roasted Portabellas and AsparagusRoasted Portabella Mushrooms and Asparagus with Herbed Polenta // This is my version of Everyday Food’s Soft Polenta with Roasted Portobellos and Snap Peas. I added truffle oil to mine and used asparagus instead of peas. This was yet another failure in roasting portabellas–they always turn out so rubbery and watery! (Incidentally, I never know whether to call them portabellas or portobellos. The Mushroom Council calls them portabellas, so I decided to use that spelling, but Martha Stewart, an authority on everything, calls them portobellos. I guess I’ll just have to forego cooking with them until I figure it out.)

I would have another photo of another delicious meal, but I dropped my camera yesterday. The lens broke but I think (hope) that the body is okay, which is a small miracle considering that it fell about 5 feet onto the hardwood floor. My husband managed to put the lens back together, but it doesn’t seem quite right. I am so upset at myself over this.

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Is it weird my first instinct is to ask all of the restaurants you ate at while in Chicago? Or if you made it to Sprinkles? Or which deep dish pizza place is your favorite? If you’ve been to Bent Fork Bakery in the north ‘burbs and if not, why? Or if you’ve gone to all of the John Hughes movie locations? Can you tell I’m bored while the door guys are here? Glad you had a good time!

Well, since we’re from Chicago, we never really do anything interesting when we visit. 🙂 So, um, we went to Leona’s because they have the best veggie burger ever that I crave all the time and I’ve never heard of the Bent Fork Bakery and I (GASP) don’t care for deep dish pizza. But did you see–flavored fries?! FLAVORED FRIES!!!

I hate when repair people come over. It’s just awkward and you never know what to do with yourself. Do you talk to them? Do you leave them be? So uncomfortable.

Oh lordy, where can I get some of those FRIES?!!!!!

Don’t be upset with yourself over the camera — accidents happen. Making yourself feel bad won’t help. But I guarantee that from now on you’ll keep the strap wrapped at least once around your arm during every photo shoot. 🙂

You’d think that this would be something that would catch on in the US–I’m not sure why it hasn’t. When we were in Japan, we had the best barbecue flavored fries! Oh, they were so good. And this restaurant we went to outside of Chicago has all different flavors too–curry cheese, sour cream and onion, corn soup, wasabi, etc.

The camera was on my tripod–you know how they have that little eject button that lets the top come off? I hit that when I had the camera angled down. 🙁 I guess the good thing about this is that because the camera was angled down, the lens took the impact instead of the body. My husband is a genius and put it back together and it’s okay for now, but it’s definitely not as focused and I’ll need to replace it eventually. Sigh!

I couldn’t remember if you were in Louisville or Lexington–I thought it was Louisville! We actually did stop there for lunch, at Smashburger. Which is so lame, I know, but it was fast and not McDonald’s. 🙂

My husband ate most of the fries, so he was in charge of the powder–he got wasabi, sour cream & onion, curry cheese, and garlic butter. Garlic butter is my personal favorite. I had no idea you could make a flavored powder like that! I think tomato would definitely go well with fries.

Green tea custard– count me in! Sorry to hear about the lens. I use my husband’s camera and I’m petrified something like that will happen. I’ve failed to screw it tightly into the tripod before and had it slip— scary.

I tried to peek over the counter to see what they were making the pancakes in–they are so, so good and I want to make them myself! They’re much lighter than regular pancakes too, despite the custard filling.

I saw green tea powder in an email from Stash Tea the other day. It’s for cooking all kinds of stuff. I was tempted for a half second, but I’m one of those people whose belly starts aching really bad if I drink (or eat- I assume) green tea 🙁 I used to mix green tea with regular or chai spice tea so I could drink it. I gave up on green tea though, I don’t feel like living on the edge every time I have some hoping my tum doesn’t hurt ‘too bad.’

That’s funny, I have the opposite problem–green tea is fine for me, but black tea makes me sick to my stomach! It doesn’t always happen, so I still drink it, but when it does happen, I get so nauseated. I imagine that eating things with green tea powder would be worse for you because it’s more concentrated than brewed green tea…

I thought I was the only one in the world who use road trips for Ikea! When we visit family we always bring a hitch rack so we can load it full of Ikea stuff!! I think I have an addiction

If you have an addiction, then so do I. 😀 Their prices are just so reasonable, it’s hard to shop anywhere else! I’m always thinking in my head, “Well, I could get this cheaper at Ikea.” So we went a whole year without curtains because I knew I could get them when we went to Illinois!

Thank you–that’s my traveling nail polish! I only use the non-toxic kind which doesn’t have much staying power–that’s the only color I own that doesn’t chip after a day, so whenever we travel, that’s the one I use. 😀

Sometimes it feels like I’m always eating at home and I can’t wait to eat out but whenever we go on a road trip, I’m always eager for some home cooking. I’m in awe at how good a pic you got out the window. My pics are always blurred when there’s even the least bit of movement. Do you have a 4S or the 4? BTW I love your nail polish color!

I have the 4. It’s funny, though, because Chris has the same phone and he can’t get decent photos from it at all–they all look blurry, even when they’re in perfect conditions. And then with mine, I can take pictures of mountains and cities when we’re going 80mph on the highway. Ha! I wonder if they changed something with the camera?

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