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By Kiersten | Last Updated: July 5, 2013

Baked Zucchini Fries

While I work on my cookbook, I’m inviting some of my favorite veggie food bloggers to do guest What I Ate This Week posts once a month. This month’s post is from Heidi, who blogs at Food Doodles. Heidi is an absolute genius when it comes to taking junk food and making it into something healthy. I think I discovered her blog when she posted a recipe for Rosemary Baked Onion Rings (which I immediately made and loved the heck out of) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m so excited to have Heidi guest posting on Oh My Veggies this week. Thank you, Heidi!

Hello everyone! My name is Heidi, I blog over at Food Doodles where I put a healthy spin on mostly vegetarian foods, with a good dose of sweets for my huge sweet tooth. I have 3 little ones ages 5 and under so occasionally you’ll see some kid specific foods on Food Doodles, but at our house we all eat the same meals so almost everything on Food Doodles is “kid friendly”!  I try to share recipes that are as full of nutrients as I possible using whole grains and healthy, natural sugars and lots of fresh produce.

I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Kiersten today while she’s busy working on what’s going to be an amazing book! I’m always being inspired by what Kiersten cooks here on Oh My Veggies and I love her “what I ate this week” posts so I’m especially excited to do one of my own! Thanks to Kiersten for having me here today!

Here’s what I ate this week:

Vegetarian Quinoa ChiliVegetarian Quinoa Chili from Food Doodles // First thing this week I made a huge pot of this quinoa chili. I froze a little and then kept the rest in the fridge for quick and easy meals this week. Even when it’s hot out I enjoy a hot lunch and this is as easy as it gets when everyone’s hungry for lunch.

Good Morning Sunshine MuffinsGood Morning Sunshine Muffins from Kitchen Treaty // On the weekend I baked up a batch of these lovely muffins from Kitchen Treaty. Of course I absolutely love the name. Tell me honestly, who doesn’t love something called a Good Morning Sunshine Muffin? That sounds like happiness in a muffin to me. But more seriously, I love these muffins. I did change them a little… I didn’t have pineapple so I ended up using peaches because I just couldn’t wait until I had a pineapple to try these out. Next time I have a pineapple you know I’ll be making these again! I even used all white whole wheat flour and look at how nicely they turned out! I also used flaked coconut but be sure to press the coconut you sprinkle on top into the batter slightly as it gets a little dark if it’s just sitting on top. We’ll be making these again and again at our house!

Strawberry Cheesecake PopsStrawberry Cheesecake Popsicles from Food Doodles // Did I mention it’s been unusually hot where we live for this time of year? So I’ve been stocking up the freezer with healthy frozen treats. These may not be the healthiest or lowest calorie popsicles I’ve ever made, but they sure are delicious and lighter than some other recipes for cheesecake popsicles I’ve seen thanks to Greek yogurt. I love them with a homemade dark chocolate magic shell coating, but I also love how pretty they are without it.

Vegan FudgsiclesVegan Dark Chocolate Fudgsicles from Food Doodles // And speaking of popsicles, I also made these incredibly decadent homemade (and much healthier if I do say so!) fudgsicles twice this week because I love them so much.

Raspberry Lemonade BarsRaspberry Lemonade Bars from Food Doodles // We’ve been trying to keep up with a massive raspberry patch so we’ve been picking raspberries almost every day. I don’t even know what to do with that many raspberries so most of them are getting frozen to use later, but these bars were at the top of my list to make as soon as raspberry season started. They are so yummy!

Baked Zucchini FriesBaked Zucchini Fries from Food Doodles // As much as I didn’t want to turn on the oven this week, I’m so glad I used to first of our zucchini crop on these fries! They were so delicious, I can’t wait to get more zucchini (but don’t quote me on that by the end of the summer!).

Red Lentil BisqueTomato and Red Lentil Bisque from Whitewater Cooks with Friends Cookbook // Soup when it’s hot? Even I think that’s weird, but this is still my absolute favorite soup even when the weather seems like it’s too hot for soup. The flavors in it are just perfect, the cumin, coconut milk, lime and cilantro (but only if you like cilantro, it’s good without too!). I can’t stop making this on a regular basis!

Raw Vegan Coconut BrowniesRaw Vegan Coconut Brownies from Food Doodles // My kids and I are huge fans of Larabar style energy bars. I make a ton of different variations, some with cranberries, some with fresh mint, and most with at least a little cocoa powder. These coconut brownies are still our favorites though, and they have been a perfect snack for this hot weather.
Thanks again to Kiersten for letting me share my eats this week with you all!

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Heidi, what lucky kids you have with all these healthy treats to eat over the summer! I enjoyed getting to check out your blog, you were especially inventive with those chocolate popsicles that have avocado!

*Waving hi to Heidi* Hello! So excited you tried the Good Morning Sunshine Muffins. 🙂 I love your photo of them! Peaches sound FAB, and excellent tip about the coconut.

I seriously clicked through to every single other recipe. They all look and sound so fabulous!

Lovely to meet another blogger! Heidi your recipes look amazing, especially the muffins and brownies and oh my goodness, those zucchini fries! I just happened to make zucchini fries this week too – with a dukkah crust. LOVE zucchini fries!!

I saw this post over on Food Doodles, came over here (for the first time, somehow!) and made those raspberry bars like… the next day. They are SO good! I really think they’re my favorite thing of the summer so far. And I don’t think they’ll be beat!

People, you have to make those bars! You’ll be so happy you did. 😀

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