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By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011


Well, I had planned on writing something really inspirational and awesome today (okay, that’s a lie, I had nothing planned), but since my day includes making soup to freeze, baking a sweet potato tart, making soap for Christmas presents, baking more chocolate candy cane cookies, and making dinner (and photographing all of these things) I thought I would just post some cute cat pictures instead. Cute cat pictures!




And yes, all of my cats have wonky eyes. Or missing eyes. Adopting wonky-eyed cats is kind of my thing, I guess.

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Thank you! I have a Canon Rebel T2i. Normally the cats won’t sit still for a picture, but they were so fascinated by the sound the camera lens made when I first got it that I was actually able to get pictures of all 4 of them. Of course, now they’re used to the sound & it’ll never happen again. 😉

My cat, Mr. Squishy has a funky eye too. His lid will roll under so I just have to open his eye up for him. Also had a ferret with an extremely small eye on one side. You know, I think their personality speaks even louder with a bit of imperfection and they are never short on love. I just love this post and it really touched my heart to see others looking out for the kittehs. <3

Aw, poor Mr. Squishy. 🙁 I think Miso may have had something similar before we adopted him. He was born in a junkyard and his eyes were damaged from the chemicals & oil leaking from the cars. He had to have surgery to get tissue removed from his eyes because they were so bad, he couldn’t see out of them. And then he spent years with a rescue group because no one wanted the cat with the weird eyes. 🙁

You are so right, I think the hardships they go through make them even sweeter. I will always adopt special needs or older cats because I feel so strongly that this is true! Thank you for commenting. 🙂

They’re beautiful! I almost, ALMOST talked Adam into adopting another one this weekend. She was 4 years old, big, fat and furry. Sweet cats! I’m thinking of volunteering at the local shelter to come take care of them and play with them.

Oh gosh, I know how you feel. I just remind myself of the vet bills and then that brings me back to reality. 🙂 I want to volunteer at a shelter too, although Chris is convinced I will end up bringing cats home with me whenever I work.

We have no idea what she is! We think she might be a Nebelung (or at least part). The rescue group had no backstory on her, but because of the injuries she had when we got her, the vet thinks someone threw her out of a moving car. 🙁

Well, 4 was kind of an accident. 🙂 We went to the rescue shelter to get Mochi and the second I bent down to pet him, Miso jumped on my back. And he wouldn’t leave my side the entire time we were there. When I looked at another cat, he would climb on my lap and push his head in my face, like, “No! Look at me!” The woman who ran the rescue said that she had never seen him do that before, so I think it was kind of meant to be. 🙂

None of them are vocal, although Mochi chirps sometimes. And we have a Roomba & hardwood floors, so the fur isn’t much of an issue. You just have to be diligent about keeping up with it!

I have a blind cat. She is the sweetest cat though! Very friendly and cuddly. I actually didn’t even know she was blind when I adopted her… the previous owner didn’t know either. I had to take her to the vet and she walked right off the exam table!!! They checked her eye sight then and she can’t see a THING. She rarely shows signs that she is blind… she occasionally misses the bed when she tries to jump on it (which is just endearing… I scoop her up and place her on the bed where she was aiming). Otherwise she seems pretty unfazed and I don’t know if she realizes she has a “handicap.”

Wow, that is crazy! And also amazing how cats are able to adapt like that. She sounds like such a sweet cat. 🙂 Mochi will pause a little bit to assess the situation before he jumps on something, but other than that, you’d never know he’s missing an eye. I don’t think he knows he has a handicap either–his eye was removed when he was so young!

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