Video: Cauliflower With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

After trying this spicy and creamy dish, you’ll never complain about cauliflower again. You can sear the cauliflower as steaks or crumble the cauliflower and toss them in the sauce to make into bite-sized pieces—it’s your preference! The spicy red pepper sauce is made with walnuts for a nutty flavor and creamier texture.


Hi Kate, you video can’t be shown in my area (New Zealand). It is autumn, I have cauli and peppers in the fridge and I was hoping your recipe would solve the dilemma of what to cook. Will the recipe be appearing in your recipe index soon? Thanks

videos can’t be viewed from this location. I’d like to have the recipe cauliflower with roasted red pepper sauce.
Thank you

This looks so delicious but I get a message saying ‘we cannot display this content in your area’ – is it possible to view the video in the UK?

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