Video: Chickpea Curry With Rice

By Kate | Last Updated: November 16, 2016

This quick chickpea curry uses ingredients you should already have in your pantry, making this an easy weeknight dinner to whip up. Next time you’re craving spicy Indian food, skip the takeout and try this recipe instead!

This quick sauteed curry includes: ginger, garlic, and onion to start, a touch of curry powder and some tomato paste, then a couple cans of chickpeas.

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“We’re Sorry, we cannot display this content in your area.” Can we at least have the written recipe, pleaaaaase…

Can’t see the video — a country restriction, apparently. I’m in Canada — seems odd that it is blocked for me.

Love this website, I’m sorry to see that I can’t view this video as you haven’t made the content available in my area? (Canada)
Thank you for all the lovely recipes.

Been following you for quite some time, I am sorry that cannot longer view your videos. In this day and time, one needs to realize that your audience is the entire world.

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