Two Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011


If you read my post on Sunday about making candles and soap, perhaps you’re wondering how it all turned out? Well, wonder no more! I posted tutorials for both over on Dealectica. Here’s a little sneak peak:

Candle LuminariesCandle Luminaries // Yes, these are the same candles you saw solidifying on the kitchen counter on Sunday. In the future, I think I will skip the whole candle-making part and just do the holders–they’re really easy and I think they turned out well. In fact, I kind of wish I made one for myself.

Handmade SoapMelt-and-Pour Soap // Rather than using lye or waiting for the soap to cure, I made melt-and-pour soap with pre-made soap bases. All you need to do is add fragrance or essential oils. Easy! I wrapped each bar of soap in handmade paper and sealed the packaging with a vellum label–perfect for gift-giving!

Did you make any holiday gifts this year? Or do you usually stick to buying your presents?

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Thank you! The glass candle holders were $1.25 each and the paper was $6.50 (and that’s for a 20 x 30 sheet–I only used part of it). I made 9 candle holders so it was less than $2 each to make them. If you used votives in them, that would probably add another 50 cents to $1 to the price. If you pour your own candles like I did, that adds another 63 cents to the cost.

I buy gifts but I’ve gotten homemade soaps before and just loved them. I still have two bars left from a 6 pack I received from a very wonderful soap maker.

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