The Best Frozen Veggie Burgers (According to Me)

By Kiersten | Last Updated: January 2, 2014

The Best Frozen Veggie Burgers

The Best Frozen Veggie BurgersHomemade veggie burgers are usually tastier, but it can be hard to find ones that can stand up to grilling. Is there anything sadder than watching the veggie burger patty that you so carefully constructed crumble into pieces when you flip it over? And let’s face it, they’re a lot easier than making your own too. There are times in life when you just need a box of frozen veggie burgers, you know?

So these are the best frozen veggie burgers, at least by my exacting standards. And what are those standards? Well, they have to be delicious–that’s pretty much the standard. For me, delicious means that it’s a burger made with real ingredients, not processed soy meant to taste like meat. I don’t like those faux meat burgers, so you’re not going to find them here. But I’d love to know from you, what are your favorite frozen veggie burgers? Do you have a local brand that you like? Toppings that you can’t do without? Let’s talk about veggie burgers!

Sunshine Falafel Burger

Falafel Sunshine Burgers

Everything you love about falafel–in a burger! Sunshine Burgers come in a wide variety of flavors, but it’s the Falafel burgers that most often end up in my shopping cart. They’re great topped with fresh greens, cucumbers, and homemade lemon-tahini dressing or hummus. The main ingredient in Sunshine Burgers is sunflower seeds. Other ingredients in this burger include brown rice and chickpeas–no soy, and they’re vegan too.

Website: Sunshine Burgers

Hilary's Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burgers

Hilary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burger

These are my favorite frozen veggie burgers–I just wish there were more than two in a package! They’re made with millet, quinoa, and adzuki beans and spiced with green chilies and cumin. So many burgers are made with variations of the same handful of ingredients, so I love that these are made with adzuki beans. They’re made without soy, nuts, or gluten and they’re vegan too.

Website: Hilary’s Eat Well

Gardenburger Original

Gardenburger Original Veggie Burger

This was the first veggie burger I ever had and I still have a weakness for it. It’s savory and delicious and not trying hard to taste like meat like most other mainstream veggie burger brands. Gardenburger still makes 5 different varieties of veggie burgers, but the Original is the one you’ll find at most grocery stores. It’s made with brown rice, mushrooms, and rolled oats. It has cheese in it, so it’s not vegan.

Website: Gardenburger

Earth Fare Almond Grain Burger

Earth Fare Almond Grain Burger

Yes, these are a store brand burger! But they’re delicious. Although they do have soy in them, they’re made with organic soybeans, not the processed soy protein that’s found in many other popular brands of veggie burgers. These make a tasty base for just about any burger topping and they’re often on sale too, which is a nice bonus.

Website: Earth Fare

Two Honorable Mentions

If you happen to live in (or around) Madison, Wisconsin, as I used to, you absolutely must pick up a package of burgers from Nature’s Bakery. (They sell them at the Willy St. Co-op too!) I miss those burgers fiercely.

Great Life by Lucinda burgers are a mix, not frozen, but they’re delicious. Unlike many other veggie burger mixes, they’re made with whole food ingredients, not TVP. Full disclosure, I did receive a sample of these from Lucinda a few months back, but we love them.

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I’m jealous of all the options you have in the U.S. compared to what I see here…I think I need to make another trip across the border so I can pick up some veggie burgers!

I haven’t really found a frozen veggie burger that I love. I usually end up making tons of homemade ones and freezing them individually. But I’m thinking those falafel burgers look pretty darn good! I hope our local stores sell them!

Good to know which are best however I always tend to make my own. So easy and so yummy 🙂 I have a falafel burger on my to do recipe list. After looking at your post I think I should tackle that soon 🙂

Our frozen veggie burger options here in Australia are very limited. They’re all pretty ordinary to be honest and mostly meat replacement types. Except for one brand (Sanitarium) that used to make the best lentil patties ever who last year DISCONTINUED THEM due to lack of sales!! I even wrote to them and said I’d buy up a few thousand boxes a year if they’d bring them back on the market… to no avail. Now I just make my own but yes, they inevitably end up in crumbles on the plate 🙁

Isn’t it the worst when you find something you really love and it gets discontinued? It seems like that happens with a lot of good vegetarian products. 🙁

Thanks for reminding me that I haven’t bought any frozen veggie burgers in quite a while. I use to always have the Gargenburgers in the freezer. Now I order it when we go to our favorite pub, but then I break the rules and order it topped with bacon. 🙂 The Falafel sunshine burgers sound very interesting. Going to have to look for those, thanks for this review!

I love hearing about different frozen veggie burgers, I always have some on hand for those exhausting days at work. Have you ever tried No Bull Burgers? They are only sold in certain states on the east coast but I have them shipped to me and they are incredible.

Kiersten, this is so perfect! My boyfriend recently discovered that he’s actually quite good at grilling after never having done it before, and he’s been cutely asking me for days whether he can buy good veggie burgers for me at the store to grill when he grills steak. And I had nothing to say to him since I’ve never found a great veggie burger. But I am linking this to him since I completely trust your judgment! And then I shall await to be deliciously surprised 🙂

Yay! Let me know what you think. 🙂 I am so picky about my burgers, so I know what you mean–a lot of the ones they sell at grocery stores are just gross.

We have tried lots of different burgers too, both frozen and homemade, but our new favorite is by Light Life. The new Back yard grill’n burgers.

luna burger has amazing frozen burgers, especially their original with beet and rosemary! they’re made in columbus, ohio but they’re at a lot of locations nationwide.

If you live in Canada, you can try Loblaw’s Portabella Swiss mushroom burgers. They’re big, thick, and very juicy. Grill or panfry.

They contain some soy for binding but the main ingredient is portabella mushrooms. They also have a little mild cheese (very little), so they’re not vegan.

These were very popular until last summer when they were discontinued. A flood of online complaints immediately followed. Now they’re back.

Not just Loblaws…any Loblaws affiliated store that carries President’s Choice products. It’s actually a President’s Choice product.

My fav veggie burger is Morningstar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Burgers. They’re available in most supermarkets in southern New Jersey, but I always get them from Costco. They’re bigger and thicker and about the same price as the supermarket ones – about $1.10 each. Sam’s has the big ones also, but they charge the same for 9 as Costco does for 12. Not all Costcos carry them, so call first if you’re planning on making a special trip. Vegan alert: They do have a bit of egg white in them.

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