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Sustenance Stew from The Perfect Blend

Sustenance Stew

Sustenance Stew

With the holidays behind us, it’s safe to say that many of us are trying to eat a bit healthier, resolutions or not. As much as I love that idea, I have a hard time getting psyched up over lots of typical healthy dishes this time of year. When it’s cold and there’s not a whole lot of daylight, salads just aren’t at the top of my list.

That’s why I love dishes like this. This stew is just as healthy as any salad I’ve ever eaten, but it’s hot, hearty and packed with flavor. Sweet potatoes and almond butter give it the kind of staying power I seriously need on cold winter days, while some fresh ginger and cilantro give it the kind of taste that makes me want to go back for a second bowl (even though this stuff is super filling). The dish is served over a bed of cauliflower rice. I thought I wouldn’t be into that and would want to cook up some regular old rice or quinoa, but cauliflower rice actually added the perfect amount of texture to offset the creaminess of the stew.

The recipe for this sustenance stew comes from The Perfect Blend, the new cookbook from Tess Masters of The Blender Girl. The book is filled with vegan, gluten-free blender recipes that have just that type of appeal to get you really excited about eating healthier. Each chapter is a collection of recipes that share a common health promoting aspect, like immunity, detox, and anti-inflammatory. It’s perfect for anyone looking to eat healthier in the new year, whatever your goals.

Right now I’m focusing on warming wintry dishes from the book, like the Mind-Blowing Moroccan Pizza, No-Fry Falafels, and Greedy Green Curry, there’s plenty of healthy dishes that work for every season.

You can purchase The Perfect Blend on Amazon.

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