Season 7 of Beverly Hills, 90210 is the WORST

By Kiersten | Last Updated: June 16, 2015

These are dark times, my friends. In case you’re a new reader of my blog, let me explain two things:

1. I work from home.

2. I watch Beverly Hills, 90210 on SoapNet every morning while working.

Season 6 of 90210 just ended. Season 6 is quite possibly (no, definitely) my favorite season of the show. There’s Ray Pruit with one T because that’s all his mama could afford! And Kelly’s cocaine addiction. You totally knew she was addicted because she stopped wearing shapeless flowery dresses and started wearing flannel shirts(!). As drug addicts do. Oh, and before the drug addiction, there was the cult with their negators and new evolutions and such. These were really the last days when Kelly was actually interesting, weren’t they? Also during this season is the Best Episode Ever, Strike the Match. This is the one where Donna and David are suddenly music video producers. Totally makes sense! When I was in college, things like that happened all the time. In fact, I took a short hiatus from my studies at the University of Wisconsin to write commercial jingles. Anyway! In Strike the Match, Donna and David are making a music video for Powerman 5000 (remember the 90s?!) and the dancer doesn’t show up and everyone’s all, “Hey Donna, you are super gorgeous and hot and you like showing off your midriff, so can you put on these leather hot pants and gyrate around and hold a match and we’ll film you?”

Beverly Hills 90210: Seventh Season

Season 7 also brings us Joanie and Nat’s wedding. This is both boring (why is so much time being spent on tertiary characters?) and weird. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Joanie being pregnant storyline is one of the most incomprehensible on this show. Joanie has to be almost 60. And then, of course, she goes into labor during the wedding. It’s supposed to be a dramatic moment, but anytime I watch the episode, I burst out laughing during the scene because JOANIE IS 60. Also, I could do with out the B story involving Joanie’s “hot” stripper daughter going after Brandon. Not hot.

This season is also the worst because it introduces Tracey, aka Susan 2.booooring. She’s like ice milk. The color beige. A bouquet of artificially colored carnations you buy at the gas station. Oh, and David is a jerk. And Claire has awful hair. We also have to suffer through several episodes of Kelly volunteering at the AIDS hospice and bonding with the brother who’s not Joey Lawrence from Blossom. Seriously, brother who’s not Joey Lawrence needs to take it down about 10 notches. And then Kelly is all, “I can’t believe there’s a disease that kills lovers!” which is certainly one of the worst lines to be uttered on this show.

The only good thing about this season is when Donna single-handedly saves herself and the other hostages at the TV station by grossly making out with her stalker. So remember, ladies, if your stalker has taken you and your co-workers hostage, tell him you love him and kiss him with tongue. It’s the only way!

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Seriously… there is a strong possibility that if I were stranded on a deserted island and could only choose one series to watch on my desert island coconut television it would be 90210. I have never seen an episode of this new one. It looks like absolute crap.
I remember sitting on the edge of my seat as Kelly battled her addiction. When I was 17 that was pretty much the most romantic / dramatic thing that I'd ever seen.

I wasn't allowed to watch 90210 when it was on TV but I used to sneak episodes and LOVED it. I need to finally go through all the seasons now that they're on DVD and see what I think.

i grew up watching this show and i only have thru season 4 on dvd need to catch up on the rest but asi remember in this season i think was when that maniac stalked donna and held her and tracy hostae at the station etc

You forgot about the episodes about Dylan. I found this season to be better for him than last season when all he did was write a script with his old rehab buddy. I think the problem with season 7 is the fact that Dylan is gone. So they had a lot of time for new people who sucked (Tracey, Clare, Susan, I don’t like any of the newbies) and to spend more time on people like Nat. The season where Dylan returns isn’t half bad, but they never gave him the same amount of screen time after he left. I guess they were salty.

And I HATE Donnas hair past season 4. I hate her super short hair, and she looks horrible with the red hair. I think kelly was prettiest in season 6 with the super short hair.

I’ve been binge watching 90210 on Hulu these past few weeks. I didn’t watch too much after season 6 when I was younger. It started to get too soap opera and boring and I was getting older with my first real job and real manly boyfriend. Now I’m in for the long haul, an old married woman with grown kids and a bunch responsibility, but no life. I’m on season 7 now and googled “Nat’s wife on 90210” because she’s seriously old and I had to do like a million double takes at her pregnant belly. anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. You basically said everything I’ve been thinking but you’re a lot funnier than I am. Thanks 🙂

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