Saving Recipes, Creating Shopping Lists & Other New Features on Oh My Veggies

By Kiersten | Last Updated: May 14, 2013

ZipList Meal Planner

I’ve been been using ZipList to format the recipes in my posts for quite a while now, but I just added their Recipe Box feature recently. Maybe you’ve noticed it and and maybe you’ve even clicked on it, but in case you haven’t, let me give you a run down on why it’s kind of awesome. See here?

ZipList Recipe Box

There’s the recipe box! And when you click on it, you’ll end up on this page:

ZipList Login

If you have a ZipList account, you can login here. And if you don’t have a ZipList account, well hey, it’s a great time to sign up for one! ZipList allows you to save your favorite recipes from hundreds of different food blogs and websites, all in one place.

So let’s say you’re browsing around on Oh My Veggies and you want to save my Lentil Mushroom Meatballs. Click on Save Recipe and it will be saved to your ZipList Recipe Box.

Save Recipe to ZipList

From your recipe box page, you can create meal plans:

ZipList Meal Planner

…which can be viewed on ZipList or synced with your Google calendar or iCal. Once you have your meal plan down, you can create a shopping list with all the ingredients you’ll need.

ZipList Shopping List

You can also browse local grocery deals and add those to your shopping list. ZipList has free mobile apps too, so you’ll have all this information with you wherever you go. Convenient! I’m really excited about partnering up with ZipList and I hope you’ll find it useful too. For a more in-depth list of features, check ZipList’s How It Works page.

New & Improved Recipe Index

My wonderful, talented, amazing designer Shay Bocks updated my recipe index last week to make it easier to navigate. I broke things down into a few more categories and added the ability to browse recipes by ingredient too. Hooray for organization!

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That app sounds cool. Can you only save recipes from blogs who use it? Or can you save recipes from anywhere? I currently use and it’s kinda annoying at times. But this sounds really cool.

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