Oh My Favorites Holiday Giveaway Event!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 17, 2013

Oh My Favorites Holiday Giveaway Event

Can you believe it’s already December?! The holidays are right around the corner and I’m celebrating with a huge giveaway event–an extravaganza of deliciousness, if you will. I’m giving away some of my favorite items and you can enter to win daily through the end of the month. Woo hoo!

Oh My Favorites Holiday Giveaway Event

1. Hilary’s Eat Well

I wrote about Hilary’s Eat Well in my Best Frozen Veggie Burgers post over the summer. Their Adzuki Bean Burgers are the best frozen veggie burgers out there, in my humble opinion. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and made with real food ingredients. Yay for that! Hilary’s is giving away a prize pack that includes 5 free product coupons.

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2. Magimix Food Processor

I received a Magimix Food Processor to review last year and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It can handle tough jobs, like making almond butter, easy peasy. I use my Magimix several times a week and it performs as well as it did right out of the box. (I use it so much that it never even leaves my countertop!) Magimix is giving one Oh My Veggies reader a 16-cup food processor.

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3. Plated

Last month, I had the chance to try Plated and I was impressed–the meals were inventive and delicious and all the ingredients were fresh. Plated has several meal options each week (including a handful of vegetarian items) and you can pick which ones you’d like to receive–they’ll deliver the recipes and ingredients right to your door. Plated is giving one winner 4 free plates.

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4. Mamma Chia

Whenever I go to Whole Foods, I grab a bottle of Mamma Chia. I love this stuff! It’s like Jello that you can drink. Which, okay, I know that sounds a little weird, but trust me, it’s good. Each bottle combines organic fruit juice with super healthy chia seeds, so this isn’t just a drink, it’s a filling, fiber-rich snack too. One lucky winner will receive 7 of Mamma Chia’s new Chia Squeezes and coupons for 7 free Chia Seed Vitality Beverages.

Enter the Mamma Chia Giveaway →

5. Justin’s Nut Butter

One of my favorite snacks of all time is a Honeycrisp apple with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. But sometimes I hit a mid-afternoon slump and eat a spoonful of almond butter straight. I just want to eat that Maple Almond Butter always. Always! Justin’s nut butters are all-natural, all-amazing, and you can enter to win a prize pack that includes an assortment of Justin’s products.

Enter the Justin’s Nut Butter Giveaway →

6. KitchenAid

I have a stand mixer, immersion blender, and hand mixer from KitchenAid, so I guess that would kind of make me a KitchenAid fan girl. And I’m okay with that! Their products are well-built, so I know they’re going to last for the long haul–this is super important when you cook as much as I do. KitchenAid is giving one Oh My Veggies reader one of their 5-Speed Diamond Blenders.

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7. Hail Merry Dark Chocolate Macaroons

These gluten-free, vegan macaroons are rich little bites of dark chocolate goodness! I keep a bag of them on hand at all times. Hail Merry also makes incredible raw tarts, which I wrote about in last month’s Veggie Picks. Hail Merry will be sending one winner a Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Macaroon Gift Tin.

Enter the Hail Merry Gift Tin Giveaway →

8. Le Creuset

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I love Le Creuset is because of the pretty colors. I’m shallow like that. But Le Creuset is more than just looks–it’s quality cookware that lasts decades instead of years. After replacing several sets of cookware, I switched over to Le Creuset and I’m so glad I did. One reader will receive a holiday gift set that includes a 3.5-quart French oven, a set of mini cocottes, and a French oven ornament.

Enter the Le Creuset Holiday Gift Set Giveaway →

9. Amy’s Kitchen

I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years, so how could I not love Amy’s?! Their meals have been staples in my freezer for as long as I can remember. My personal favorite is their Shepherd’s Pie and whenever I’m sick, I pretty much subsist on their No Chicken Noodle Soup, which is comfort food in a can. Amy’s is giving away a prize pack that includes 5 free product coupons.

Enter the Amy’s Kitchen Prize Pack Giveaway →

10. Ito En Teas’ Tea

Whenever I go to the Japanese grocery store, I stock up on big jugs of ITO EN tea. I’m a huge fan because it tastes like tea. Gasp! Because it is tea! Not tea-flavored beverage or tea sweetened with heaps of corn syrup. Nope, just honest-to-goodness tea. Teas’ Tea comes in a variety of flavors (I’m partial to the Mint Green Tea myself) and it’s unsweetened, which is how I like my tea. One winner will receive a case of ITO EN Teas’ Tea and a Teas’ Tea tote bag.

Enter the Teas’ Tea Giveaway →

11. Pacific Foods Giveaway

Spicy Black Bean & Kale Soup–yes! Give me a big bowl of soup when it’s chilly out and I am a happy camper. Pacific Foods has a huge selection of vegetarian soups and I think I’ve tried every single one of them and they are all delicious. They have two new soups this year and they’re giving away both of them to one Oh My Veggies reader.

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12. Healthy Surprise

I was sent a sample box from Healthy Surprise and I loved it so much that I decided to include it in Oh My Favorites. It was a huge box! Full of so many healthy treats! Everything in the box is vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free. I’m a little bit addicted to subscription boxes and I have subscribed to a few that disappointed me by only including a handful of snacks, but even the smallest Healthy Surprise box includes 11 full-size products. Healthy Surprise is giving away a snack box to one lucky winner.

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13. Chia Seeds from Nuts.com

I couldn’t do a favorites list without including chia seeds! This has been the year of chia on Oh My Veggies. I love these little guys. I put them in smoothies, I put them in pudding, and I even put them in muffins. And now you can put them in everything too because Nuts.com is giving away a pound of chia seeds!

Enter the Nuts.com Chia Seed Giveaway →

14. Whole Foods

And finally, I’m giving away a $200 Whole Foods gift card to thank you for reading Oh My Veggies this year. Thank you!

Enter the Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway →

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Oh what giveaway fun!! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll be sure to enter. I’d love to return the kindness and fun of these giveaways to you, too– I have a Whole Foods gift card giveaway on this week and would love for you to enter.

i do shop a Whole Foods, i am getting older and i need to eat the correct foods now. and second i have always wanted to have children and i go to Whole Foods for the best. i would love to will the card because my brother & father is enjoying the foods i bring in from Whole Foods, i am living on a budget and i hate to tell them no on my foods i buy, because i was brought up theirs plenty.

I actually post all of my giveaways on the 1st of every month because believe it or not, it’s easier to coordinate them like that! 🙂 I have them all end on the same day too.

Wow! Fabulous giveaway! I think discovering Hilary’s Veggie burgers has been my best foodie find of the year. Oh, and you can never have too many Le Creuset pots and pans, so I HAD to enter that giveaway :-). Merry, merry!!!

Magic! Okay, no, not magic–I have help running my giveaways because it got to be too much to do everything myself. I guess I should just lie and tell you it’s because I’m totally awesome and amazing, right? 🙂

This is how your response should have went “I’m totally awesome and amazing. :)” 😀

Do you remember that old commercial (90’s?) where the mom threw a box of Pillsbury or Tollhouse something or other in the oven and threw flour on her face, mussed up her hair, and walked out exhausted and with a dejected look on her face to feed her family with a platter of piled high cookies/croissants/rolls? You need to channel that. That’s how I try to live my life every day. 😉 LOL

Bwahahaha! You are awesome. I vaguely remember that commercial. 🙂 But now for some reason I have the “I feel like chicken tonight” jingle stuck in my head. I think my mind went there because of the whole 90s commercial thing…

Hi Kiersten! I really dig your blog. The layout is fantastic and uber easy to navigate. I am not sure how I found it but I am glad I did; most likely looking for recipes on the inter tubes…and yours are quite appealing. I especially love the pictures. I aspire to such greatness on my own! Anyhow, the giveaways you selected have enlightened me. I have never heard of some of the products (Adzuki Bean Burgers and Healthy Surprise-both great ideas!) and those that I have are already on my wish list. Thanks for sharing yourself in this inspiring and health-promoting way!

Peace and holiday cheer!


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