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Superseedz Pumpkin Seeds Giveaway [ended]

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Pumpkin seeds are one of those snacks that are relatively easy to make at home, yet I never seem to get it together enough to do so. Which is too bad, because they’re super nutritious and delicious! So we were especially excited when we received samples of Superseedz. Available in 9 flavors, Superseedz are the perfect snack whenever you have a craving, whether it’s savory, sweet, spicy or somewhere in between. Curious Curry, Maple Sugar & Sea Salt, Really Naked and Tomato Italiano (which tastes like bruschetta!) were our favorites, but every flavor had its own charm. We topped chia seed pudding with the Maple Sugar & Sea Salt variety, and added the Curious Curry to salads, but they’re great on their own, too.


Rooted in homegrown beginnings, the idea for SuperSeedz was cooked up in 2003 by founder Kathie Pelliccio in her own kitchen. Kathie, a mother of five, chef and entrepreneur, was experimenting with dry-roasted pumpkin seeds as a healthy snack for her family. Years later, the business has since grown from a small seedling into a nationwide brand, encouraging and empowering consumers to never snackrifice taste for nutrition. Currently available in nine mouthwatering flavors – Sea Salt, Super Spicy, Somewhat Spicy, Tomato Italiano, Curious Curry, Coco Joe, Cinnamon & Sugar, Really Naked and Maple Sugar & Sea Salt – SuperSeedz are dry-roasted in small batches without shells, using a proprietary, artisanal pan-roasting technique that bakes the seasoning right in to each seed. The result is an enhanced snacking experience with unparalleled taste and a delightfully addicting crunch. SuperSeedz are sold at grocery, health food and gourmet food retailers across the U.S., including Whole Foods, Sprouts and Safeway, Inc. stores. They can also be purchased online at

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Disclosure: We received samples from Superseedz in order to share our opinion about this product, but this isn’t a sponsored post.

superseedz giveaway

One Oh My Veggies winner will win nine 5-ounce packages of Superseedz—one in each flavor.