Smart Flour Foods Giveaway [ended]

SmartFlour1About Smart Flour Foods

Smart Flour Foods, the company behind popular gluten-free pizza served at restaurants across the country, has created a retail line up of frozen pizza and crust. While most gluten-free pizza crust is made primarily of bland-tasting and nutritionally lacking rice and potato, Smart Flour Foods Original Pizza Crust is designed with a proprietary gluten-free flour blend of ancient grains. Made of sorghum, amaranth and teff, these whole grains give the crust an enhanced nutritional profile, which includes more minerals, vitamins, and fiber. In fact, one pizza has six grams of fiber. Also unlike its rice-based counterparts, Smart Flour Foods’ crust cooks up nice and crispy with the delicious texture and tasty flavor of whole wheat. The result is an incredibly smart pizza!

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Smart Flour Foods Giveaway

One Oh My Veggies reader will win 1 pack of Smart Flour Foods frozen pizza crust, as well as 2 frozen pizzas (1 cheese and 1 margherita flavor).