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Nuzest Vegan Products

NuZest Vegan Products

NuZest Vegan Products

I normally tend to steer clear of protein powders. Or vitamin powders. Or any type of powdered supplement that you mix with liquid and drink. They don’t often taste great and usually contain ingredients I don’t want. And it can be a challenge just to find ones that are vegan.

I tried a sampling of Nuzest’s vegan products and you know what? I loved them!

When they first arrived I read the ingredients list of each product and even though I was pleased at the fact that they’re vegan and the lack of undesirable ingredients, I didn’t expect them to taste good. Surprise: they were actually delicious!

Clean Lean Protein

This is what I mean about ingredients. Here’s what’s listed on the plain flavor of Clean Lean Protein: pea protein isolate. That’s it! And this one is perfect for me, because protein is all I want in a protein supplement. The other flavors also have their respective flavors added (obviously), along with thaumatin for sweetness, which is monkfruit, which is also quickly becoming my favorite natural sweetener. This is a keeper and will be a regular post-workout recoverey drink for me.

Quick Vita Kick

Again, this one tasted great. I tried it in cacao banana flavor, which I didn’t expect to like that much, but it was perfect. Just the right amount of flavor and not to sweet with a nice balance of vitamins and minerals for those who are looking to supplement some other nutritents in addition to protein.

Just Fruit and Veg

Like the Clean Lean Protein, this one is made from pea protein isolate, but the ingredients list also includes exactly what the name says…fruits and veggies. Carrot powder, broccoli powder, raspberry powder…all familiar stuff and all nutritious. I tried this one in fresh coconut flavor and it was delicious.

Good Green Snack Multi Vitamin Bars

I didn’t mention anything about bars above, because I actually do tend to like bars, when they’re good. And I really enjoyed these. The flavor was fruity and just sweet enough, the texture perfect for a breakfast bar. These aren’t the type of protein bars that pretend to be candy, which is exactly why I like them. They’re made from a blend of fruits, nuts and seeds we’re all familiar with, along with some added pea protein isolate, vitamins, minerals and superfoods. I loved them as a quick post-workout snack.