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Handmade Kitchen Tools That Make Thoughtful Holiday Gifts

woman kneading dough close up photo
woman kneading dough close up photo

Image: Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock

When it comes to giving a loved one, relative, or friend a thoughtful gift during the holiday season, it doesn’t get much more sincere than a handmade gift. These handmade kitchen tools are far from generic, and the personal touch that each of them has makes the gift far more sincere. Give the foodie, cook, or hostess in your life one of these special handmade kitchen tools this season.

Pottery Chowder Bowl

pottery chowder bowl handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

Whether this bowl becomes his or her favorite soup bowl or favorite oatmeal bowl, this one-of-a-kind dish is peaceful, earthy, and the perfect dish to give as a gift. The calming colors and handmade strokes are sure to impress any recipient.

White Pottery Gravy Dish

white pottery gravy dish handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

Just in time for the holidays, this gift is a great way to help a hostess out when it comes to finding unique dishes to serve a variety of foods in. This dish can be used for gravy, but it’s also ideal for coffee creamer, maple syrup, or to aid in baking. The beautiful dusty white color is modern and soft.

Ceramic Cake Stand

ceramic cupcake cake stand handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

This is the perfect gift for a baker! From cupcakes to vegan pies, this ceramic cake stand is a pretty platform to serve an elegant dessert for any special occasion. The neutral color makes it a great dish to use year-round.

Modern White Ceramic Pitcher

small modern white ceramic pitcher handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

There’s no better gift for a hostess than a beautiful, modern white pitcher. This sleek and elegant style fits on any table. We’re obsessed with this bright white pitcher, but you can also give a taller, dark brown/black pitcher. Your loved one can use this pitcher to serve a variety of cold beverages like iced tea or lemonade.

Handmade Ceramic Bunny Mug

handmade ceramic bunny mug kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

This detailed, artistic mug is truly special. Skip those generic, monogrammed mugs and opt for this thoughtful, hand-painted mug instead. Give this clever gift to the coffee or tea drinker in your life.

Birch Tree Flour Sack Towel

birch tree flour sack towel in charcoal grey handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

You can never go wrong with a fun and pretty kitchen towel. Find one that reminds you of the person you’re giving the gift to. This birch tree towel is outdoorsy and rustic, while this periwinkle shell towel is beachy and bright.

Country Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Wall Sconces

country hanging rustic mason jar wall sconces handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

This impressive gift will look stunning in any kitchen. Leave it up to your loved one or friend how they’d like to use these chic Mason Jars. One could place herbs in water in each jar, or one could fill the jars with utensils and kitchen tools. Or, simply place tea light candles in each for some mood lighting in the kitchen or by the dining table.

Forest Cupcake Toppers

forest cupcake toppers handmade kitchen tools

Image: Amazon

Lastly, we adore these little forest tree cupcake toppers. They’re perfect for the friend or hostess that you need to give a little something to so you can show your appreciation.

One of these handmade kitchen tools will make an excellent and thoughtful holiday gift for your loved one or friend.