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Gluten-Free Vegan Mac and Cheese + 4 More Things We’re Loving This Month

6.30.15_ProductRoundupOnce a month, we round-up some of our favorite vegetarian foods and kitchen tools and share them with you here on the Marketplace. Here are this month’s picks! (Note that we received samples for review on products marked with an asterisk.)

1. Sweet Eats for All cookbook*

Think giving up gluten or dairy means you need to give up dessert? Au contraire. Allyson Kramer’s decadent desserts don’t need eggs, flour or milk—or even refined sugar in some cases—to be delicious. We’ve been loving the key lime pie and matcha-cashew ice cream recipes, but if you’re a chocolate lover, never fear: Allyson’s got you covered. —Dana 

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2. Daiya Deluxe Cheddar Cheezy Mac*

After giving up most gluten and dairy, I’d pretty much resigned myself to a life sans mac and cheese. Daiya’s vegan, gluten-free and soy-free version of cheddar-y mac sounded too good to be true, and I was afraid I’d experience yet another mac and cheese heartache—but it honestly tastes so close to the real thing, I had to triple-check the package to make sure there wasn’t any dairy or gluten. I’m definitely going to stock up on this for comfort-food emergencies. (Which happen to me more than you’d think.) —Dana

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3. Frontera Seasoning Sauces

Rick Bayless can do no wrong in my eyes, so obviously I love all his products. Frontera’s seasoning sauces are “meant” for meat, but I’ve been using them with tempeh lately—they’re an easy way to add both flavor and moisture to crumbled tempeh, which can get a little dry. (They’re also convenient for flavoring beans or enchilada filling.) The enchilada sauce and fajita seasonings are also great for when you run out of spices or don’t feel like doing everything from scratch. (Note that every variety I’ve tasted was vegan and gluten free, but watch the ingredients before you buy: some contain anchovies, wheat or cream.) —Dana

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4. Eat Clean Live Well cookbook

This is one of my favorite new cookbooks. The recipes are suitable for most diets because they’re completely vegan and gluten free, but also incredibly flavorful and creative. One great thing about this book is that the recipes are arranged by season, so every season I have a bunch of new dishes to look forward to. The black bean mango tacos and grilled avocado with tomato peach salsa are on my list to try this summer. —Alissa 

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5. Wild Hibiscus Cocktail Concentrate*

When it comes to cocktails, I’m usually more in the booze + soda water camp than anything frou-frou. The exception to this rule, though, is floral flavors. I go nuts for anything lavender, hibiscus or rose—and Wild Hibiscus’ hibiscus-rose cocktail concentrate is a super subtle, pretty way to dress up a simple cocktail or mocktail. I love it with vodka, sparkling water and a splash of lemonade. —Dana

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