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9 Awesome DIY Food Kits

DIY is definitely having a moment right now. In the world of food, things have shifted from buying organic to buying local and now, well, let’s just make things ourselves! I don’t think I’ll ever be making all of my tofu or butter in my own kitchen, but it’s kind of fun to DIY it once in a while. It’s fascinating to see how the foods we eat are made and satisfying to know you can do it yourself.

Here are 9 awesome DIY food kits. Bonus: these make great gifts too!

9 Awesome DIY Food Kits1. Beer Mustard Kit // 2. Make Your Own Goat Cheese // 3. Mother-In-Law’s DIY Kimchi Kit // 4. DIY Farmers Cheese Kit // 5. Oyster Mushroom Log // 6. Butter Making Kit // 7. Wood Tofu Mold // 8. Kombucha Home Brew Kit // 9. Hudson Valley Hard Cider Making Kit

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