Magimix Food Processor Review + Thai Basil Pesto Recipe

By Kiersten | Last Updated: November 15, 2013

Thai Basil Pesto Ingredients

Magimix Review + Thai Basil Pesto Recipe
I used to think I loved my food processor. We purchased it a few years ago to replace a cheap unit that was so unusable that it sat gathering dust in our laundry room. That old food processor did such a terrible job that just about anything looked good in comparison. Yes, I loved my new food processor! Okay, it couldn’t really slice or shred, but it could make a mean puree! And sure, sometimes the puree would leak all over the place, but hey, what can you do, right?

Well, I guess I just had low expectations because after trying the Magimix Food Processor by Robot-Coupe, I realized that it’s actually possible for a food processor to slice, shred, and puree without making a mess all over the countertop. Imagine that! Now when I make potato chips, I don’t have to risk losing a finger with my mandoline slicer. And I can shred cheese without shredding my knuckles on a box grater. (Am I just really accident prone or does that happen to you too?)

Sliced Potatoes
If you’re like me, maybe you haven’t heard of the Magimix, or its French manufacturer, Robot-Coupe. Well! Magimix just happens to be the first food processor for the home cook, introduced over 40 years ago. This invention was hailed as “the French Revolution of the 20th century,” by The New York Times. And maybe that sounds like a little bit of a stretch, but you saw those potato slices up there, yes? All Magimix food processors are handmade in Burgundy and Magimix is the only food processor company that manufactures its own motors (which are known for lasting a lifetime).

Magimix Attachments
For this review, I was able to try the Magimix 3200 XL 12-Cup Food Processor. This is big enough for me, although the Magmix also has 14- and 16-Cup models. It comes with a wide range of attachments and accessories (bonus: they’re all in a nice little storage case too):

  • 3 different sizes of mixing bowls (and 2 Sabatier blades to accommodate them)
  • Dough blade for kneading
  • 2 grating discs (2mm and 4mm)
  • 2 slicing discs (2mm and 4mm)
  • BlenderMix attachment to transform the Magimix into a blender
  • Egg whisk
  • Spatula, recipe book and instructional DVD

Other accessories are available for purchase, like a Juice Extractor and French Fry Disc.

Magimix 3200 XL Food Processor
The Magimix is much quieter and operates more smoothly than my previous food processor. I’ve been using it for over a month and the blade never gets stuck or slowed down. The motor uses some kind of voodoo magic (okay, it’s a power induction motor, but let’s pretend it’s magic!) to sense the amount of power needed for the task at hand and adjusts its output accordingly. So whether you’re pureeing applesauce or crushing ice, the Magimix can handle it.

Thai Basil Pesto Ingredients
Since it’s the end of summer and my basil is wanting to bolt, I decided to use some Thai basil (and a little of my Genovese basil too) to make a Thai-inspired pesto with coconut milk and cashews in my Magimix Food Processor. If you like a chunkier pesto, pulse it until it reaches your desired consistency. I wanted my pesto a little bit creamier since I was pairing it with udon noodles and veggies, so I processed it until it was smooth.

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processors are available in the United States exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.
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Disclaimer: I received a Magimix Food Processor to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

Thai Basil Pesto

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Total Time:

5 minutes


1/2 cup


  • 1 c. basil leaves (use Thai if you have them!)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 c. raw cashews
  • 1/3 c. coconut milk
  • 1 serrano pepper, seeds and stem removed
  • salt to taste
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  1. Combine all ingredients in food processor and process until smooth.


For a milder pesto, use a jalapeno pepper. If you'd like yours extra spicy, use a Thai chili pepper instead.

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Love your pesto recipe! I’m having one of those, “How have I never thought of that?” moments right now, since I love pesto and love Thai food. Seems like a no brainer 🙂 And, I’ve had my Cuisinart for many moons now, but I think I’ve got food processor envy right now. Maybe for my Christmas wish list…

I love all the ingredients and that you opted for cashews over peanuts. I never have peanuts on hand. You’re not alone – it never fails I always make a mess of my hands. It wasn’t until after receiving the Magimix, my husband allowed me to shred cheese again.

Ha! Chris is always taking over for me in the kitchen when knives, graters, and mandolines are involved–he sees me doing it and he’s like, “No, let me!” Because if there’s any possible way for me to hurt myself, I will find it. Yesterday I cut myself really badly with a safety can opener. A safety one!

A coworker told me about a pesto she made recently using thai basil and peanuts, and I’ve been wanting to make something similar ever since! I love the sounds of your version with the cashews and coconut milk. This would be perfect with soba noodles and tofu! Also, I’ll join the club of shredding your knuckles on a cheese grater!

I thought about using peanuts too! I’m always shredding my knuckles on the grater, even when I’m consciously thinking, “Okay, be careful! Don’t shred your knuckles!” I am so accident prone in the kitchen.

I am always amazed by your creativity. You take simple recipes like pesto and make thai basil noodles Amazing! I have lots of basil and hot peppers and I know my husband will go crazy over this recipe.

Thank you! I have so much basil too. The Thai basil not so much, but heaps and heaps of Genovese. In a few weeks, I’m going to make a bunch of pesto to tide us over for the next few months!

I wish I has spent more on my food processor when my last one died. My current one is a loud, ineffective beast so I’m going to put this one on my xmas list.

I am so, so cheap and I’m trying to train myself to be okay with spending more for quality things that will last longer. My purse broke today and I had to talk myself out of buying one that I didn’t even like that was on clearance for $10 just because I needed a new purse and it was $10.

oh my gosh I am the same way. I have not bought a new purse in 5 years. I just got a new one and it will be in a upcoming review. I swear if we lived closer I would I would hound on you to hang out!

HA! Okay, so prior to this purse, I had a purse for about 5 years too. The handle was about thisclose to breaking off last fall, so I decided to replace it with a $40 purse which I felt SO extravagant about purchasing. And now it’s a year later and it’s broken and I’m all, “I paid $40 for this! I only had it a year!” (And to rub salt in the wound, I just spent more than I wanted to on a camera bag yesterday after hemming and hawing over it for most of the summer.)

Are you going to BlogHer Food next year? I’m hoping to go to that & maybe regular BlogHer, since it’s in Chicago which is where my husband and I are originally from. If you are, we will have to meet up! 😀

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