Garden Update | Skipping Spring and Moving Onto Summer

By Kiersten | Last Updated: April 30, 2013


A spring garden just wasn’t in the cards for me this year. My raised beds needed a ton of work and I didn’t have a chance to start my seeds in time. Knowing how scarce my free time will be over the next several months, I thought about not planting anything for the summer either. But not having a summer veggie garden would be sad! There are times when I’m not exactly enamored with the process of gardening, but growing my own food never ceases to be exciting. Even if it’s several pounds of green tomatoes or a single, gnarled celery root.

Celery RootSo I decided to skip the spring garden and get a jump start on summer. Last year, with my spring plants still in the garden, I had to start my summer plants a little bit later than I had wanted. So I’m hoping doing things this way will mean more summer vegetables to harvest. Let’s be real, spring veggies are fine, but summer veggies are the best. You know it’s true!

TarragonI dragged Chris to Herbfest again this year and picked up some additions to the herb garden–tarragon, lemon verbena, French thyme, cilantro, parsley, and a few different kinds of basil. And then I bought an obscene amount of tomato transplants. I don’t even like fresh tomatoes, so I have no idea why I fixate on heirloom tomatoes so much. Because they’re cool looking? I guess that’s it.

Raised Bed GardenWe put in a fourth raised bed, bringing me just a little bit closer to my goal of filling the backyard with raised beds. And fruit trees. And waterfalls. And cheeky little lawn gnomes. (We have a big backyard.)

Tomato FlowerTomatoes! I’m still trying to start some from seed, although since I planted them earlier this month, they probably won’t be giving us any fruit until late summer. Sorry for all the dark pictures, by the way. The sky was literally minutes away from opening up and pouring rain when I took them.

Strawberry FlowersStrawberriesI have 5 strawberry plants now–one red, the others yellow. I’ve gotten exactly one strawberry so far (a delicious red one!), but I think in a few weeks I’m going to have more than I know what to do with.

Blackberry FlowersThe blackberry vine we planted last year is blooming like crazy too.

CatnipThe catnip I bought at Herbfest last year was still going strong all winter long, but then Mochi decided he enjoyed sitting on it and Miso unceremoniously peed all over it. I took that as a sign that we needed to buy a new catnip plant.

Te You SeedlingsThree te you seedlings. This is supposed to be similar to kale, although I wouldn’t know it because I can never get these to grow beyond seedling stage. But it’s going to happen this summer! For sure!

Tomato, Parsley & Thai Basil SeedlingsItalian parsley, Siam Queen Thai basil, Stupice tomato and Japanese Black Trifele tomato seedlings.

Do you have a spring garden or do you usually skip straight to summer too?

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Love the kitty photo! I go nuts when I see their cute little heads and ears. Yeah, I’m a crazy cat lady. And the gnarly celery root looks artistic, somehow.
I don’t have an anything garden right now. We’ve been meaning to start, but honestly in cold New England it doesn’t make sense to start before May for a summer garden. We’re planning on a smaller scale this year — tomatoes, strawberries, Thai hot peppers, and herbs. The weeds got out of control last year and we didn’t keep up with them. At least my potted lilac and potted peony are looking good!

I tried convincing Chris that we should get a lilac bush the last time we were at the nursery, but no dice. I didn’t know you could pot them!

Hmm, I’m not sure. Mine got really huge before they produced any fruit, so I think you’d have to have a lot of space for them to grow…

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