Garden Update | More Cauliflower & More Broccoli

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 27, 2011


After I got the Baker Creek seed catalog in the mail a few weeks ago, I’ve been busy plotting and planning my spring garden. Although I had been counting on adding a second bed in the spring, now I’m wondering if maybe I should add a third. Maybe? Or am I being too ambitious? There’s just so much that I want to grow! And with a square foot garden, it can be difficult to limit yourself to a square or two of each vegetable.

Of course, even as I look forward to spring, my fall garden is still thriving. I’ve been wondering if things will start dying off as the weather gets cooler, but since it’s still in the 50s and 60s most days, that hasn’t started happening yet. The leeks, beets, chard, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage still aren’t doing much. But! We got heads from all of the broccoli and cauliflower plants now. This surprised me because we had two large broccoli and cauliflower plants and the others were much smaller–I didn’t think we’d get anything from them.

Purple Cauliflower 12/27Here’s one of the small purple cauliflower heads. I probably should have harvested it last week, but I was hoping it would get a little bigger.

Big Broccoli Plant 12/27There are lots of smaller heads of broccoli coming from the plant I harvested a few weeks ago…

Little Broccoli 12/27…and the little broccoli plants have little broccoli heads now too.

Kale 12/27I used nearly all of the kale in a recipe and I didn’t think it would rebound, but once again, it did. Kale is the easiest vegetable to grow!

Strawberries 12/27All of the strawberry flowers fell off, but the plant is still pretty lush and healthy.

Carrots 12/27Carrots! I got a full-sized Parisienne. I think next year, I might try growing them in a container since they’re so stumpy anyway. Don’t mind the Band-aid on my thumb.

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I’m really impressed. I have many fruit trees and so I tend to trade fruits for homegrown veggies. My neighbor grows all kinds of squash and so she picks some apricots, tangerines and persimmons and we’re both very happy.

You grow apricots, tangerines, and persimmons?! WOW! I think I’ve heard that persimmons grow here and I was thinking about planting a tree. It’s so hard to find ones at the grocery store that aren’t overripe and mushy.

It sounds like you have the perfect arrangement with your neighbor. 🙂

I think you could definitely go for three beds. You have had success this year and you will have even more next year from all that you learned. Broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are now on my list, thanks to your success with them!

The only issue I see with three beds is that our yard is hilly–I think we’d have to do two beds on one side of the yard and another on the other side. And it’s not a problem now, because we don’t have anything back there, but I want to put in a big perennial garden eventually. I will have to mull it over. 🙂

You really need to grow kale! It is so easy and resilient. I’ve enjoyed growing the broccoli and cauliflower too, but you really don’t get much out of those plants. Next year I’m going to try adding more compost!

Oh, I have an extra Baker Creek catalog! Do you want it? It’s huge and fun and colorful, so I couldn’t throw it away, but I don’t know anyone locally that’s into gardening. And I have some carrot & basil seeds I could send you too. Let me know!

I am really not that inspirational–seriously, doing a square foot garden makes it so easy! 🙂 I can probably count on one hand the number of weeds I’ve had to pull out and my husband installed drip irrigation, so I don’t even have to water it. I love it!

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