Garden Update | Hooray for Frost

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011


Suddenly things are looking up for my wee square foot garden. I’m pretty sure it’s because we’ve had a few frosts these past two weeks and they’ve managed to kill the insects that were wreaking havoc on my plants. And even with the frosty mornings, most days this month have been in the 60s and 70s, so the bugs are dead and my plants are happy. And I’m happy. Because it’s November! And I’m gardening! And it’s in the 60s and 70s!

Broccoli RabeThis week I harvested the broccoli rabe, which I started with seeds from Cubit’s Organics. It was huge! Growing it in a container inside the screened porch was a good call because it was completely untouched by insects or animals. And it was delicious.

Swiss ChardThe chard is looking a lot better. I did a radical leaf-ectomy and pulled most of the leaves from the plants a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if they’d survive, but now they’re doing fantastic. And I think whatever it was that was eating them must have died after the first frost.

Yellow Strawberry PlantThe strawberries are still growing, although I have a feeling they’ll stop soon. Because really, even in the South, I don’t think you can grow strawberries in December. Right?

Brussels Sprout plantThis is my biggest Brussels sprout plant, but it’s still not as big as it should be. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but I’m guessing we won’t be getting any Brussels sprouts this year.

Garlic sproutingI planted garlic bulbs a few weeks ago and they’re starting to come up. I didn’t think they’d start sprouting until springtime!

Purple Cauliflower plantMy purple cauliflower has cauliflowered. This is my first attempt at growing cauliflower, so I’m pretty excited that it’s doing so well, despite the rough start.

Is anyone else still gardening or are you all done for the year?

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I want to grow artichokes! I’m planning on adding a second raised bed in the spring so I can grow more stuff next year. Do you have the red clay soil out by you too? I attempted to grow a few things directly in the ground, but the only thing that took was lavender, so I’m thinking I should probably just stick to the raised beds. Our soil sucks–it’s all rocks & clay.

Well now I am jellous.. LMAO Gardening still?? Not up here in Ontario. That was over 2 months ago. Oh that looks so good N fresh. Nothing like fresh veggies from the Garden.

We just got our first bout of winter last night. 5 hours of freezing rain. BLAHHHH

Oh well enjoy

kevin at Linkies Contest Linkies

I cannot believe you are gardening right now!! Your purple cauliflower looks beautiful! We’ve had a few heavy snow falls, so I don’t think anything is growing here any more. I’ve thought about starting an indoor garden because we get sunlight almost everyday. Do you start everything in seeds? I need to learn how to do that this year.

I used to garden indoors using an Aerogarden and I was pretty successful with herbs, but not so much with veggies. Also, it didn’t help that my cats liked to rip the plants out of the garden!

I start almost everything from seed because I like to grow heirloom veggies & it’s hard to find those as seedlings. I buy most of my seeds from Baker Creek & Cubit’s Organics on Etsy (and Cubit’s has an awesome Black Friday sale this weekend!). This year, I think my timing was a little bit off because it was my first year in the South, but now I know to start the seeds super early. 🙂 I’ve heard people start planting things outside in February here(!).

Coming from Wisconsin, I just can’t get over the weather here. I wore short sleeves to go grocery shopping today! Other people who moved here from the midwest have told me that I’ll get used to the weather here eventually & the novelty will wear off, but I don’t think it will. 😀

I brought all my containers into my gazebo and covered it with plastic. In the spring, I’ll remove the plastic and put up screen. This summer the bugs (in Fl) were terrible. Also, my dogs keep eating my bean plantss as they sprout. My tomatoes, squash and peas are doing well so far. Hope I can keep them alive. I’m not that experienced. From what I’ve been reading, I’ll be able to pollenate the tomatoes just by shaking the plants when they flower. Hope that works. Now I want to try some lettuce and carrots. I’ve never had good luck with them, it being so hot here most of the year, but I’m gonna try keeping them cool.

Yes, you can definitely pollenate the tomatoes by shaking them! I grew some tomatoes in our screened porch last year and that’s what I did. Like you, I don’t have much luck with carrots, but I have more lettuce than I know what to do with. I grow it in the shadier part of the garden and it seems to like that!

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