Garden Update: Hello, Raised Bed!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 25, 2011


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So! Last weekend we went to Home Depot and bought a raised bed kit for our square foot garden. It came with the wood and screws we needed, but my husband had to do the drilling and such. We lined the bottom with a weed barrier cloth and filled the bed with Mel’s Mix, which is 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost. It took about an afternoon to get it all done, which was less than what I expected.

There’s a melon, two cucumbers, and a pepper (which I bought at a nursery) in the first row. Behind the pepper is a Japanese eggplant (also bought), the beans, and carrots. The plant that’s in the middle of the remaining squares is the zucchini–I misunderstood the SFG instructions and thought it needed three squares instead of nine. Oops! I bought a few plastic containers that were on clearance at Target and I’ll grow my remaining plants in those in order to give my zucchini the room it needs. I’m hoping it can get away with 8 squares, though, because I’m planning on planting onions in the corner this weekend.


I have to say, overall I’m really liking the raised bed thing. When I had the plot in the community garden, I was weeding constantly and the soil there was devoid of any and all nutrients–really, I think the only plants that soil was suited for were weeds. The plants seem a lot happier in this soil and I haven’t encountered any weeds yet. I had been feeling like the SFG was a concession since we don’t have time to do a “real” veggie garden this summer, but I’m actually liking it a lot and I’m thinking next year instead of digging up a big plot like I had planned, I’ll just get a second raised bed.

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lookin good!!
imho, your beans will be fine. you might sacrifice a little yield for the closeness, but the beans will crowd out weeds resulting in higher yields, so i think it will all equal out.
we plant our beans in wide rows, th3e plants are always a bit crowded but i always have more beans than i know what to do with!

I am intrigued by the raised bed garden kit from Home Depot. I will have to check that out, maybe for next year. I've been wanting a raised garden for years but am not skilled enough to build one. Will definitely check it out. Yours is looking GREAT!

It looks great! My husband made a raised bed and planted way too much in it. Our zucchini is really crowded (less room that you have) and I picked our first zucchini today! I think you'll be fine with space you have.

Wow! Your garden looks amazing and so healthy! The SFG book freaked me out with how many things it said you could fit per square too.

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