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By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011


I’m convinced that my garden exists in Bizarro World. Brussels sprouts, leeks, cabbage, and other cool weather veggies? Complete failures. Strawberries? Growing like crazy and blossoming left and right. Who knew that you could grow strawberries in November? According to the gardening book I have, strawberries that are started from seed don’t produce any fruit for the first three years. Well! Tell that to the dozen or so strawberries I have growing on my plants right now.

Strawberries in November…and here are the rogue strawberries (and my fingers–sorry about that). You can see that they’ve grown since my last update!

Leeks November 9I started these leeks in July, I think. I’ve been waiting for them to get bigger before transplanting them into the garden, but last weekend I finally gave up and put them out there anyway.

Broccoli November 9The biggest broccoli plant is finally broccoli-ing! Can you see the tiny floret in the center? No? Well, trust me, it’s there.

Cabbage November 9And I think the cabbage is cabbage-ing. But you can also see in this picture how the bottom leaf is pinkish. This is happening to a lot of my plants and I’m not sure why.

Kale November 9Apart from lots of holes in the leaves (which comes with the territory in an organic garden), the kale is doing pretty well. Perhaps it’s time to make another Baby Bella and Kale Casserole?

Chard with Black SpotsThe chard is doing terribly. I thought about pulling all the plants this weekend. Most of the leaves are more hole than leaf. I never see any bugs on the plants, but there are lots of these little black droppings on them.

The root veggies still aren’t doing much. I finally pulled the lone radish that wasn’t devoured by the slugs and the root was radish-less. The beets and carrots are still tiny, despite being in the garden for a few months now. I finally planted my garlic in the spot freed up by taking out the eggplant–the downside of the square foot garden is that I only had room for four in that one square. But I will treasure those four heads of garlic!

Are you in an area where you can garden in November? What are you growing?

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My garden must be living in Bizarro World also! The strawberries weren’t growing for a few months and now they’ve started growing again. Go figure! I’ve also had a few random things here and there.

By the way, the black dropping might be from caterpillars. I had similar dropping on my tomato plant and then I found the caterpillar.

Do you think we’ll be harvesting strawberries in December? 🙂

The funny thing with the chard is that I’ve seen caterpillars on everything else, EXCEPT the chard! But with the holes in the leaves, I suspected caterpillars too. I guess it might be time to reapply the BT.

We’re still growing peppers and strawberries, unfortunately I think our strawberries are done for the season. They produced earlier this year but not nearly as many as I would have liked.

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