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By Kiersten | Last Updated: August 27, 2013

Bean Leaf - August 2013

Squash - August 2013
If I started a band when I was 15, I probably would have called it Garden of Shame. And then I’d write songs for it with names like “Roses of Despair,” and “These Squash Plants Are Dead.” (As you can see from the above photo, these squash plants are dead. The vine borers got them again!)

There’s really not much to say about my garden this month. Remember that show they used to play on the History Channel, Life After People? And they’d have all these fancy digital animations of what the White House or the Golden Gate Bridge would look like if people were to disappear from the face of the earth? That’s kind of what my garden looks like now.

Petit Gris Melon - August 2013Bean Leaf - August 2013Watermelon - August 2013I’m so embarrassed, you guys. What happened?! Oh yeah, I totally neglected it for the past month. That’s what happened. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to prune the tomatoes or put out a trellis for the watermelon or do any of the other things I should have been doing. Although I’m always extolling the virtues of square foot gardening, one of the definite downsides is that you need to be able to keep things in check a little bit more because there’s not a lot of extra space for rogue watermelon vines or beans that want to climb all over everything. And when things are overgrown, bugs go crazy, fruits and veggies go bad, and then: shame. So much shame.

But let’s try to find some positives, okay? Okay!

Tomato - August 2013I’ve got lots of green tomatoes coming in!

Pepper - August 2013And a pepper too!

Clematis - August 2013A whole mess of clematis!

Lily Pads - August 2013Oh look, my lily pads grew in the fountain! That’s good, right?

Mochi Sleeping on Catnip - August 2013And the catnip is still inexplicably thriving, despite Mochi still doing this every afternoon. (The mint in the planter next to it? Yeah, that’s not doing so well.)

My plan now is to pull out everything except the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant next weekend. And the tomatoes are going to be pruned ruthlessly. Then I’ll plant stuff for the fall, but I’m doing low maintenance stuff only–kale, carrots, and radishes. I wasn’t realistic about how much time I’d have for gardening this summer, so I’m trying to be realistic about fall.

Your garden must be doing better than mine, right?

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Eh, our garden didn’t do so well this year either. Our kale & tomato plants were eaten by bugs, our lettuce, arugula, and cilantro just never grew, and I never got to see a strawberry before it was eaten by rabbits. Bright side: we have a million Serrano peppers. 🙂 xxoo better luck to you for fall!! xxoo

Yay for peppers! 😀 It’s always the really spicy ones that you get a million of, right? Oh, and I never have luck with cilantro–it grew well for me once and that was it.

Oh no! Your poor garden – when I first click onto the post I thought “oh she’s going to show loads of photos of how great her garden is doing” and then I realised that I’m not the only neglectful gardener anymore, welcome to the party! At least you have a lot more still alive than I do – I ate the one and only pepper that I grew (it was tiny but delicious) and Boomer stole the only surviving tomato – so my garden is offically desimated! At least you have a pretty lilly pad growing 🙂

Nope, you are definitely not alone! 🙂 It seems like a lot of people get off to a good start with their gardens and then things kind of fizzle out. Well, you can always start over again for the fall!

I feel your pain, I really do. I’ve had gardening years go terribly wrong like that but it usually has more to do with the weather than me (that’s my truth and I’m sticking with it). Our garden did exceptionally well this year and I’m crediting it to the wet spring and dry but not excrutiatingly hot summer.

Yeah, I don’t think the weather this summer helped much either. We’d have stretches of no rain, then whole weeks with torrential downpours every afternoon. A lot of my tomatoes and melons burst from all that water!

Haha! Nice job finding all the positives…I for one would be super excited to have green tomatoes growing in my yard! They were all over the menus in North/South Carolina when we visited (OMG SO MUCH AMAZING FOOD) and I managed to not try one. Fail. At least you’re growing stuff! The closest thing I have to a garden is my roommate’s herbs growing on the window sill and sadly, I think our basil plant is getting eaten by red spider mites. But our mustard and green chives are growing wildly! It’s quite exciting 🙂

I’ve never tried the fried green tomato thing either–I just imagine them being so bitter! Or sour! Oh, and when I used to garden indoors, those spider mites would drive me nuts. They sell these little yellow flypaper things that you put on a stick and they do a good job at catching them. 🙂

Kiersten, yes, your garden situation is very sad, true, but your post is so funny! Especially that photo of the leaf with all the holes in it – that leaf is sort of the symbol of the pitiful state of your garden. And look at that poor squash on the first photo. 🙁 But not everything is lost, I am sure!

I read that mint and catnip are related, which is why cats will eat that too. 🙂 Only one of our cats gets violent on the catnip–she’ll smack anyone that goes near her when she’s eating it! But the others just roll around and rub their faces on everything.

I don’t get bugs attacking my tomatoes, although I’ve had something bite big chunks out of them. Mostly it’s the rain that gets them–we get torrential downpours and the tomatoes all pop open!

Some of mine have this rotten looking spot on them, when you cut it the tomato is great inside and everywhere else. Just the part of the skin has the black ugly spot uhg… LOL It could be the massive amount of rain we got this summer.

A neighbor told my MIL that this year was so so for almost everyone because the soil was lacking in minerals… Not sure was this true.

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