Garden Update | First Tomato of the Summer

By Kiersten | Last Updated: June 20, 2012

This is my favorite time for gardening. It’s the time when everything seems to be growing an inch or two a day, when every visit to your garden reveals a dozen more beans, new flowers on vines, and tomatoes that seem to have popped up overnight.

Roma Tomato 6-20-12Like this Roma tomato! I’m out in the yard every afternoon, but somehow I didn’t notice there was a tomato growing on the plant until it was several inches in size. I’m hoping this will be the first of many–I want to make lots of roasted tomato sauce to freeze this summer.

Dragon Tongue Bean 6-20-12I have two full-size Dragon Tongue Beans and a bunch more on the way. I’m thinking of starting some more seeds this weekend so we can enjoy these all summer long! If you’re looking for an easy heirloom bean to grow in your garden, try this one.

Beurre de Rocquencourt Beans 6-20-12The Beurre de Rocquencourt Wax Beans are doing well too.

Corn Growing Square Foot Garden 6-20-12Corn! And grass. We lined the bottom of the bed with a weed barrier, but grass keeps popping through, especially on the edge of the bed. I’m really close to just admitting defeat and letting it grow.

Purple of Romagna Artichoke 6-20-12The Purple of Romagna Artichoke plant is huge and spiky. I think maybe I should have given it more than one square.

Mystery Squash 6-20-12This is either a pattypan or crookneck squash plant. I wrote the names of my plants on the peat containers I started the seedlings in and the writing washed off on a lot of them. I need a better plan for the fall!

Onions Growing in Square Foot Garden 6-20-12Onions! This is another square where I have only a vague idea of what’s growing. There are some Red Creole Onions, Heshiko Bunching Onions, and then the onions on the far right and left corner are the bottoms of green onions from the supermarket. Did you know you can plant those and they’ll start growing again? It’s true!

How is your garden doing this month? Have you gotten any tomatoes yet?

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Sometimes I think having herbs is much more useful than the veggies, though. I don’t grow a ton of produce, so I still have to buy most of what we use, but I never have to buy herbs anymore. And they are so expensive!

We have zucchini up to our ears. Called DH and he found some takers at work, phew. We have lots of tomatoes but they aren’t getting red, it’s aggravating. Been green for much longer than usual. Radishes are almost gone and picked enough snow peas to add to a stir fry. Seeing the beginning of red bells and my daughters cantaloupe has blooms.

Last year I had zucchini after zucchini get off to a good start and then rot on the vine before reaching full-size. So I’ll gladly take your problem of having more zucchini than you know what to do with instead. 😉 And the tomatoes never turning red? That happened to mine last summer too. I hope yours are just late bloomers!

So exciting! My gardens a little behind yours, probably because I’m a little more northern than you 😀 I can’t wait for tomatoes fresh from the garden, they are so much better than any I ever buy.

Yeah, I used to be in Wisconsin before moving here and I don’t think I ever got anything from our garden plot until July or August! It’s nice living somewhere with such a long growing season, but I try not to gloat. 🙂

Your garden stuff looks so good. I have picked some tomatoes and jalapeno peppers from my containers so far. I have tiny ants eating my ripe tomatoes, so I have to really watch and pick them quick.

I have armies of ants going through my raised beds at all hours of the day! I’m so worried they’re going to start doing that too. We have big ant hills all over the yard and as soon as my husband takes care of them, there’s 10 more…

I have a green tomato the size of a grape, and “harvested” my first ripe strawberry today. It’s also the size of a grape. I also don’t have a fraction of what you have growing! *jealous*

Your garden looks great! My Romas are here too! Have had Basil out the wazoo for months, but I’m in FL, so that makes a diff. Also, my peppers (hot) are finally reddening…yay! My onions didn’t sprout for whatever reason. Will try again. (We moved from NFL to S FL almost a yr ago, so still getting used to the differences!)

Last year my basil did so well and this year it flowered before it could even produce many leaves. Sad! I guess it’s the heat? We moved from Wisconsin to North Carolina last summer and it is a HUGE adjustment–I thought I had things down for this year, but obviously I’m still learning too. 🙂

I am so excited for your tomatoes! My have blooms on them, but they are still recovering from deer munching. I love that you are growing unique things like the dragon’s tongue beans!

I’d think the fact that tomatoes are in the nightshade family would keep animals away! I guess not. The dragon tongue beans aren’t just pretty–they’re absolutely delicious too! And easy to grow. Love them. 🙂

I’m jealous of your onions! We’ve only tried grow onions once and it didn’t turn out so well. Our tomatoes are growing like crazy with lots of fruit on them BUT a squirrel keeps running off with them before they’re ripe. I didn’t even know squirrels ate tomatoes. Ugh.

Were you growing regular onions or green ones? You need to plant green onions! Next time you use them in a recipe, just plant the little ends right in the garden. And then when you need them for a recipe, you can just clip what you need off the top.

I had no idea squirrels ate tomatoes either! That is so weird.

I’ve been doing the green onions thing but I don’t use them quite fast enough so the ends have started drying out. They’re just planted in the dirt and not in the actual raised beds themselves so that might be part of the issue. I’m super jealous of the red onions though – I got through a ton of those!

Oooh, I’m jealous. I planted tomatoes but some little critter ripped them out of the ground when they were several inches tall. We were hoping to make salsa from our garden :(.

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