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By Kiersten | Last Updated: July 30, 2013

Garden Harvest - July 2013

Garden Harvest - July 2013
I love July because it’s when I start getting a massive haul of veggies from my garden. All my hard work is paying off! One of my worst personality traits is that I’m terribly impatient–I hate the waiting and work that goes into gardening, I just want the payoff. I don’t want to weed, I just want veggies! Give me veggies! Unfortunately, gardening doesn’t really work that way. And maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve made gardening my hobby because I could use a lesson (or several) in patience.

Beans have been my biggest gardening success so far this summer. I harvested the last of my Beurre De Rocquencourt Wax Beans and Dragon Tongue Beans last week (see the photo above) and I’m going to pull those plants out this weekend. I haven’t had time to pick the beetles off of the leaves and now they look like this:

Bean Leaves - July 2013There’s not much left of them! I’ve gotten plenty of beans from all of the plants and I doubt I’ll get many more, so I think pulling out the plants is a good idea at this point.

Christmas Lima Beans - July 2013I also harvested my Christmas Lima Beans this month. I picked them all at once, but they weren’t all ripe–some of the seeds were a deep purple, others were pink, and others were white. But they all tasted good! I’ll be pulling these plants out this weekend too.

Red Noodle Long Beans - July 2013Red Noodle Long Beans - July 2013And Red Noodle Long Beans! It’s hard to tell in that photo, but they’ve grown taller than I am and if I had a bigger pole, they’d have grown even higher–right now, I just wrap the beans down the pole after they’ve reached the top. I can’t believe how prolific these things are.

Petit Gris de Rennes - July 2013I have several Petit Gris de Rennes melons growing. Hooray! My other melon plant is still only a few inches tall, so I’m doubting I’ll get anything from that before the summer ends.

Watermelon - July 2013My watermelon is taking over the garden bed it’s in and it’s flowering all over the place, but no melons yet. The bees seem to like the Petit Gris much better because I never see them over here. Boo.

Eggplant - July 2013Last year I had gotten several eggplant by this time in the summer, but nothing yet this year. I was excited to finally get a flower though! And I guess the ants were excited too. There are ants allllll over my garden.

Yellow Squash - July 2013Yellow squash! I’ve gotten 3 so far. I usually only have a short window for summer squash before the vine borers attack, so I’m pretty happy to have gotten 3 from this plant with another 2 on the way.

Carrots - July 2013I’ve been harvesting the carrots I planted in the spring too. I’m not sure why everything in my garden is so slow, but I’m happy that I at least had some decent-sized carrots this year. The purple one is Cubits’ Cosmic Purple.

Corn - July 2013The corn is now taller than I am too. Last summer I had trouble figuring out when to harvest the corn and I picked it too early, so I’m hoping to do better this year!

Tomato - July 2013I think this is a Pineapple Tomato. I haven’t gotten a ton of tomatoes yet–a few Romas and Brandywine, a handful of Tommy Toe cherry tomatoes, lots of Green Grape tomatoes, and one Mr. Stripey. All of the tomatoes I’ve gotten are from the transplants I bought at Herbfest–still nothing from the ones I’ve started from seed!

White Pepper Leaves - July 2013Powdery Mildew - July 2013I’m having some issues in the shadier parts of the garden. The leaves on this pepper plant have turned white (!) and then one of the winter squash plants has powdery mildew. I thought installing drip irrigation would solve all the powdery mildew issues I used to have, but now I think the real issue is that this part of the garden gets 4-5 hours of sunlight a day. If we ever get a fence, I think I might move my raised beds to the side yard.

Raised Bed Gardens - July 2013In case you’re wondering, this is what all 4 raised beds look like now. The ones in front get a lot of sun, but the back two rows of the back beds are the ones where I have issues. See how they’re in the shade?

Fountain - July 2013In other exciting outdoor developments, I finally got a fountain! I’m trying to grow a lily pad in it (which is what the brown thing in the middle is), but no luck yet. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have a pond in my backyard. I even drew a diagram of what it would look like and everything. Other kids dream about being astronauts, but me, I just wanted a pond. That’s all I wanted! A pond! And fruit trees too. So this is me inching closer to that dream.

What have you been harvesting from your garden this month?

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I’m like you with gardening — SO impatient! Though mine is a flower garden, I feel like the universe bit me with the gardening bug to provide me with the meditative practice that it can be and teach me both patience and to just enjoy the journey. I turn the act into such a stressful activity sometimes, getting so frustrated trying to figure out what’s eating my plants or why they’re not doing well. Then I stop and realize how much I love being out in the sun and express gratitude for both the time, ability and a hobby that brings me outdoors to enjoy the glorious summer weather. 🙂 Everything’s a learning process, right? The longer we do it, the better we get at it and, hopefully, the less impatient we become since we know what to do. ::crossing fingers:: 🙂

PS The ants are all over MY garden, too. I guess they’re eating the nectar?

Ooh, flowers! I have a small perennial garden, but as soon as we get a fence, I want to plant more. (For some reason, I just can’t get myself to plant more flowers without a fence. I feel like I need a visual anchor for them or something.) Like you, I can get really bent out of shape and focus on the bugs, the tomatoes with big bites in them, etc., but you’re right, it’s better to just enjoy the sunshine and let things be!

Great job on your garden! It must be wonderful to reap the rewards. I can’t say the same, as squirrels have robbed every almost-ripe tomato from me this season. Ah well, my hubby’s an engineer. Maybe he can build some kind of electrified force field around the plants or whatever. A girl can dream!

Those poor crispy squirrels! 🙂 I’ve actually NEVER seen a squirrel in our yard–how weird is that? I guess they hang out in the woods down the street and don’t feel the need to venture out…

Re: Impatience. Ah, but if you grow a 4-season garden, something will always be ready to harvest. I pull carrots, leeks, and parsnips out of the frozen ground in January. 😉 That’s so cool that you’re growing a lily pad!

I attempt 4-season gardening, but for some reason spring and fall never really take. I think I’m still not completely used to the timing here in North Carolina!

The first year I grew them, I didn’t get a single bean out of them. Not one! I’m glad I gave them another try though. Sometimes my stubbornness pays off. 🙂

Hello Kiersten, oh my… all your vegetables in your garden are beautiful. I love your blog. I just got turned on to it today and am looking forward to seeing it more now that I have found it. Have an awesome day and thanks for your good work you do.

Yeah, I’m getting worried about my melon too because I noticed this week that some of the wee bitty melons on the vine are turning yellow. I blame the heat. Worms have left my tomatoes alone, but have destroyed my yellow squash. I kind of miss gardening in the Midwest–the season was shorter, but the bugs were not as much of a problem.

We’re having issues with our tomatoes right now but our peppers and herbs are out of control. We built two more raised beds this weekend so we’re going to start our fall crop pretty soon and then again in October.

My peppers are having issues, but my tomatoes are out of control! And my sage just died. :/ I’m debating about not gardening in the fall–we’ll see.

This is a great garden round-up Kiersten. Years ago we had a big property with veggies but lots of shade and many problems. I can’t wait to start my own veggie garden again next year. Yes, the patience thing is hard. I’m impatient already, and I haven’t even got the garden yet!!

A shaded yard is a lovely thing, but not so much for vegetable gardening, right? 🙂 Part of me wants lots of trees back there, but the other part wants more sun!

Loved the garden update! The long beans are so cool! I completely neglected my garden this year. It is covered with weeds! Between getting the house repaired and a sprained ankle, I let it go! Next year 🙂

I think you have a good excuse! Right now, I’m debating about whether I want to garden this fall. Things are so crazy around here, I might end up letting mine go for the season too…

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