Cucumber Mango Salsa

Cucumber Mango Salsa

Champagne mangoes are worth getting excited about. We’ve written about them  before in our Sweet & Spicy Mango Fajitas and Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal recipes. They’re sweet and perfect and they never have that weird stringiness you sometimes get with regular mangoes. Champagne mangoes are our jam. And now they’re our salsa. If we had to describe this salsa in one word, it would be refreshing. Even with the jalapeño, it’s the kind of salsa that’s good with spicy food because the mango and cucumber help balance the heat. Don’t have dippers, eat this salsa with a spoon. It’s that good.

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Cucumber Mango Salsa

Prep Time

10 minutes

Total Time

10 minutes


About 2 1/2 cups of salsa


  • 1 ripe mango, diced (about 1 cup)
  • 1/2 small English cucumber, diced (about 1 cup)
  • 1/3 cup diced red onions
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and diced
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Freshly ground black pepper


  1. Stir together all of the ingredients in a medium bowl. Serve with tortilla chips, tacos or burritos, or as a mix-in for cooked quinoa or millet.


It’s nice to find another person who eats tomato salsa like I do! Tomato chunks are gross. My husband just stares at me while I poke the chip around and around, fishing for cilantro or hot pepper chunks, but no dreaded tomatoes!

I dislike them too!!! I had an indian woman tell me the other day during an Aryuvedic class there is a reason we don’t like them. They aren’t good for the body-the sourness is bad. You notice you don’t see tomatoes much in Indian cooking?

Ooh, how pretty! I haven’t tried the champagne mangoes yet but I want to rectify that this year. I hear nothing but good things about them.

Since I don’t like cucumbers (I know, scandalous), would I be able to sub zucchini? I know it won’t be quite as flavorful but I don’t like raw tomatoes either so anything to keep those slimy suckers outta my salsa is a plus!

Use a recipe similar given by my Filipino neighbor, it is minus the cucumber but plus a little drop of olive or coconut oil. Be sure the Mango are not over ripe, they need to be firm

IT IS SO TRUE! I grew up in Miami but I always hated the gaminess of mango and it was everywhere then FF 40 years later I discovered these little yellow gems and I can’t get enough . In summertime when they are 4 for $1 i eat 4 a day no joke!

“I am a raw tomato hater,”
Oh boy. Sacrilege! A few of my kids are also raw tomato haters. Is it the texture for you?

My husband says I “run like a girl.” I think it’s because, I too, don’t quite know what to do with my arms. Good luck on the 5K!

Okay, well, now you’re going to think I’m really crazy, but I’ve never tried a raw tomato. I just know I don’t like them. They are so slimy inside! Ewww.

I’m glad to know there are other awkward runners out there!

I did the SAME thing when I spotted a 5 for $5 display of champagne mangoes at the store last week!! I LITRALLY gasped out loud and was all “ooooooooooooooh!” The produce people already think I’m a nut job, so I may as well fuel their fire some more.

Mango salsa is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite!! AND I’ve never done cucumber mango. I could squeeze you for this! I want these in my tacos like nooooboddysbusiness! And your photo of the mango?? HOLY CRAP! How did you do it?!

P.S. Your fists v. arms-flailing debate reminded me of this time I was in Germany and was walking along a river and this girl was running with her arms t-rexed at her chest, but her hands were flailing. Can you picture it? Can you picture it? Next time I’m in NC, I’ll scamper over to you (arms flailing) so that I can show you exactly how she was running. But I don’t make fun of people, no. I’m more mature than that.

HA! Okay, well, that’s good that I’m not the only one. I love this time of year when they’re a dollar and I just want to buy them allllll. I had to stop at the grocery store for mushrooms today and I was tempted to buy more champagne mangoes even though I haven’t finished the bag I bought over the weekend. I am so greedy. Oh, and here’s how I did the mango: -mango-black-bean-salad-how-to-cut-a-mango/ (Excuse my horrible knife skills.)

I’ve read that German runner description three times now and it makes me chortle every time. HA! I kind of run with limp-wristed jazz hands.

Mangos in salsa {or chutney} are the best! Although I really dig raw tomatoes too 🙂 We’ve been inhaling {the larger} mangos in our house the past couple of weeks. My son brought home a friend from school so I made them grilled cheese sandwiches served with fresh mango on the side-they both loved it, and the friend was SO excited-“Mango is my most favorite fruit ever!!!”

I did the same thing today! I live in a really small town, where I am excited to find organic spinach in my produce section. When we drove 30 minutes out of town to visit Publix on the way to the orthopedic, I was in food heaven! I squealed with joy when I saw organic pink lady apples, nutritional yeast (something I had never tried), raw cashews (on sale!), Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (so good!) and Cocoa Hazelnut Butter. I’m glad that we went early in the morning, otherwise the other people in the store might have called the mental hospital.

Ha! I know the feeling. Our local grocery store is pretty good, but when we drive to the city to go to Whole Foods, I feel a little bit giddy. My big dream is that one day, I’ll live 5 minutes away from a Whole Foods. 🙂 Enjoy your raw cashews and nutritional yeast!

I am not a squealer but I do often sigh silently when I find produce that I love at markets and bazaars. The cucumber and mango salsa sounds so perfect for the hot Indian summers we are already experiencing here in Mumbai! It will make for novel and interesting party food! 🙂

LOL about running! I’m definitely one of those who’s way too obsessed with food too! This salsa looks awesome…love that you added cucumber…because then the crunch comes from more than just the onions. 🙂 🙂

Ahh, champagne mangos… I have you to thank/blame for my love of these edible gems. Just last week, I looked back at your back posts to remember when they appeared in stores last year.

Time for a trip to Costco to buy a BOX! Thanks for the heads-up, and another great recipe.

Ha! I did the same thing! I was thinking to myself, “Hmm, champagne mangoes should be in season soon. When did I write about them last year?” And then I found my last post about them to look at the date. Perhaps I should buy a big box of them from Costco too!

Oh dear Kiersten…there is a reason that I don’t run in public and it is much like yours. I am so tall and lanky it just looks weird and I get all tangled up in myself and fall. Yep, that’s right…I fall, every time I hit a good pace. I think its because I am more focused on NOT looking stupid when I run than I actually am on running. LAME!

The guys at my local grocery store think I am a nut job! I am always lurking in the produce aisle, feeling and sniffing things. It’s just weird! I have jumped up and down and yelled out loud over delicata squash before so I can feel you with your love of those beautiful mangoes.

Is it blasphemy to say that I have actually NEVER had a champagne mango? I have got to get my hands on some of those so I can make this salsa.

I am totally uncoordinated like that too. But my problem is the opposite–I have really short legs!

So now that I know you bought champagne mangoes after writing this, I need to know: are they the best fruit ever? Huh? Are they? THEY ARE! Right???

Luckily I have no pride, so I’m cool with public humiliation. You should have seen me when I was at Target this weekend and discovered that they were carrying a new line of vegetarian burritos…

Oh my goodness, I could really use this fresh salsa right now! So refreshing and spring-like 🙂 I’ve never even heard of Champagne mangoes. Oh Alaska. Poo.

Haha, I imagined you running through the produce aisle in excitement as I also do that. Often. In fact just yesterday I did the same thing for strawberries. Hey, they were on sale!

I have a tip in case you didn’t get one for what to do with your hands when running. I run a lot. Run with all your fingers lightly pinched together. Like if you were to take a bite of a small cookie or something. Or, my favorite because I am a weirdo, I fold my thumb into my palm and fold my fingers over. My headphone strings don’t catch on my fingers that way when I run on the treadmill. Hey, Dr. Who isn’t going to watch itself! 🙂

Well, champagne mangoes are everywhere right now (well, at least here they are!), so this is definitely the perfect time to buy some. So go buy some! And thanks for the running tips–I need them. 😉

Beautiful summer side there! Cant wait to give it a try!

I am definitely one of “those” people! Everyone laughs at me when I say I LOVE food shopping. I get so excited for walking around for precisely the reason you described, seeing all the new items, or getting inspiration from what they have to offer. It is one of my highlights of the week! I LOVE it! Thanks for making me feel like I am not the only one 🙂

I usually get funky looks from fellow shoppers for hogging the produce displays. I have to pick out the perfect produce for photos. They just don’t understand. This salsa reminds me of summer. Oh how I miss warm weather. Pinning!

This salsa looks amazing! I have’t seen champagne mangoes in these parts so I may need to sub in one of their cousins, but I’m sure it would still be delish. It looks like such a great and refreshing side, and seriously, I could just eat that entire bowl with a spoon!

This looks scrumptious. However, cilantro tastes soapy to me so I think I’ll substitute spearmint from my herb garden.

Oh, how I love mangoes! And the champagne must be the “blonde” ones I find so infrequently, but are the bomb! Thanks for naming them. If you don’t care for tomatoes, try using tomatillas in your salsa. They are the Mexican green tomato and in the same family as tomatoes. Nice and firm when green. I find them to be really good in salsa and maybe a good substitute. Now on to finish my mango salsa. Just wish now I had a cuke to add!

Those are the BEST mangoes, but you can usually only find them at certain times of the year – not like the red/green mangoes, which are easy to find year-round. And yes, I love tomatillo salsa!

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