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The Best Seitan Recipe

seitan with onions and sage
seitan with onions and sage

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The tastiest of all vegetarian dishes often include a hearty portion of the widely-loved and versatile seitan. What is the best seitan recipe? We have a number of recipes here, including the best seitan recipe. A savory mouthful of this stuff makes anything divine—from a simple vegan BLT to a chic plate of seitan marsala. Most health food stores carry it, but if you don’t have any handy, you can make your own for the best seitan recipe, fairly easily with the right seasonings —and flavor it up exactly as you wish! Once you’ve got that down, you’re ready to go. Here are some of the most delicious seitan recipes, including the best seitan recipe.

Smoked Seitan Barbecue Ribs

The Astro Eater walks you through these step by step, with a finished product that’ll knock your guests’ socks off at the summer picnic! You’ll need about an hour and twenty minutes from start to presentation. These will make even the carnivores want another helping!

Get the recipe here: Smoked Seitan Barbecue Ribs

Teriyaki Seitan Kabobs

Another summer picnic favorite, these mouth-watering mains have the perfect combination of veggies, spice and a little fresh ginger for some kick!

Get the recipe here: Teriyaki Seitan Kabobs

Seitan and Mushroom Reuben Sandwiches

The vegan version of a classic Reuben, this tangy sandwich is filling enough for either lunch or dinner with a side of homemade chips or cauliflower bites. Try the colorful purple sauerkraut pictured for an even more eye-popping plate!

Get the recipe here: Seitan and Mushroom Reuben Sandwiches

Seitan and Chickpea Salad with Dill

Made with your favorite creamy vegan mayo, this luscious salad makes an impressive sandwich on toast with a little lettuce – or alone on a pretty plate.

Get the recipe here: Seitan and Chickpea Salad with Dill

Vegan Hungarian Paprika Potato Stew

Green Evi got fancy again, and we’re glad she did. Plenty of smoky flavor makes this vegan-style Hungarian stew sublime. Serve it alongside a thick slice of homemade bread.

Get the recipe: Vegan Hungarian Paprika Potato Stew

Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

A little wine and rosemary gives this rich classic it’s unique-tasting sauce. The seitan simmers with assorted veggies under a flaky layer of homemade crust while cooking to create a grand medley of flavors and textures. Make these on rainy or cold evening any season!

Get the recipe here: Vegan Chicken Pot Pie

Vegan Mushroom-Seitan Stroganoff

Here’s a hearty pasta dish featuring a healthier, nondairy version of cream-filled Alfredo sauce. This dish also has some serious plant-based “beefiness” courtesy of seitan.

Get the recipe here: Vegan Mushroom-Seitan Stroganoff

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Fried seitan and peppers with a sweet vegan ‘cheese’ over top make these Philly delights a sandwich to die for. Don’t skimp on the peppers!

Get the recipe here: Vegan Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Baked Cabbage Wontons

These Asian-inspired pot stickers are prepared with cabbage, fragrant spices and your choice of additional alternatives (seitan is one of them, and our preference – of course). There’s a simple dipping sauce recipe included with the recipe as well. (Scroll down for the English version of this recipe once you click in – the first part is in French).

Get the recipe here: Baked Cabbage Wontons

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