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By Kiersten | Last Updated: May 31, 2014

Kalamata Olive & Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables

Yes, that’s what I ate this week: food that was simple, delicious, and healthy. I’ve been feeling off-balance and rundown lately, so I tried to put together a week of meals that would make me feel better. Fruit! Veggies! Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothies! I don’t know about you, but anything involving Mint Chocolate Chip always makes me feel better.

Here’s what I ate this week:

Kalamata Olive & Herb Socca with Roasted VegetablesKalamata Olive & Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables from Tasty Yummies // I’ve been seeing so many socca recipes lately, but this is my first time trying one. What took me so long?! This was incredible. It’s kind of a cross between a pizza crust and polenta, but instead of being made with wheat flour or cornmeal, it’s made with chickpea flour (so it’s gluten-free!). I don’t have cake pans, so I made it on a rimmed baking sheet and it worked out perfectly. I could eat this everyday. When Chris saw the recipe for this, he suggested I title the post, “I’m Gonna Get You, Socca!” After I gave him the side-eye for a good minute, he was like, “You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you?” Why yes, yes I am!

Pumpkin Chia Quinoa PorridgePumpkin Chia Quinoa Porridge from With Food + Love // This doesn’t look very pumpkin-y, but that’s because the pumpkin I made puree with was more yellow than orange inside. But that’s okay, because the porridge was still delicious! I added a drizzle (okay, it was more of a downpour) of maple syrup on top before eating because pumpkin and maple together is how I want to start every morning this fall.

Mint Chocolate Chip SmoothieMint Chocolate Chip Smoothie from Going Raw // This smoothie. THIS SMOOTHIE. There’s no sweetener in it, just bananas, and the chocolate chips are cacao nibs. It’s like having a minty milkshake for breakfast. Have I mentioned that I’ve been on a cookbook buying spree lately? I got this one last week and I’m really loving it. It has a lot of practical tips on raw cooking.

Tom Kha TofuTom Kha Tofu from Vegetarian Times // Tom Kha soup is one of my favorite Thai dishes. I think it’s the kaffir lime leaves. They taste like magic. (Really, they do.) We had this with brown rice, so it was more like a curry, but it’s broth-y enough that it’s probably better as a soup.

Kale Salad with Pomegranate and Maple PecansKale Salad with Pomegranate and Maple Pecans from Vegetarian Times // I omitted the Gouda in this and added extra pomegranate seeds. I made the mistake of buying the package of pom seeds from Trader Joe’s again–mistake! Every time I buy that, there’s mold growing in the package within a day or two, even when the expiration date is many days away. I didn’t want to make this salad without the pom seeds, so I scooped out the moldy part and ate the rest of the seeds. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea because the rest of the seeds tasted a little off.

Drenched Pad Thai SaladDrenched Pad Thai Salad from Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats // Another recent cookbook acquisition! Underneath the cilantro, grilled pineapple and tofu, and fresh mango is a bowl full of zucchini noodles and peanut dressing. So many delicious things in one salad!

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“When Chris saw the recipe for this, he suggested I title the post, “I’m Gonna Get You, Socca!” After I gave him the side-eye for a good minute, he was like, “You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you?” ” A ha ha ha. LOL Hysterical. Do you and Chris have conversations like this often? If so, perhaps you can both quit your day jobs and take your act on the road. 🙂 I’m gonna get you, socca. ::shaking head:: LOL Priceless. I’m a sucker ( 🙂 )for any 80’s/early 90’s references.

PS. Where on God’s green Earth do you get kaffir lime leaves from? I have two freakin indian grocery stores in my area and neither carry them. ?!?!

I think we would have to pay the audience to sit through that show. 😉 And guess where I found kaffir lime leaves–my little neighborhood grocery store!!!! I always had to omit them and use lime zest instead, so I was thrilled to finally find them 5 minutes away.

The link for the Drenched Pad Thai Salad takes you to the cookbook and not the recipe. Can you post the recipe? It looks delish!

Oh that drenched thai salad sounds amazing. And the mint smoothie! Oh who am I kidding, everything looks amazing. And I literally lol-ed at the side eye at the Chris comment. If only Erik were as punny…

Kiersten, your meals always look so beautiful and fabulous! I love this post. And by the way, I’ve had that smoothie from Judita’s book. It’s a game changer, right?

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