Kung Pao Veggies Recipe

Kung Pao Veggies

You can go to almost any Chinese restaurant and order Kung Pao Chicken, but I have never seen a vegetarian version on a restaurant menu. This means that if you stop eating meat, you can never eat Kung Pao again. Okay, no, not really. You just have to make your own meatless version. That’s easy… 

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Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion BBQ Naan Pizzas

What I Ate This Week | BBQ Sweet Potato Naan Pizzas Are Everything Delicious

I think I use naan as a pizza crust more than I actually use it as naan. You know how when you’re 10 and you discover English muffin pizzas and then everyday after school, you’re making English muffin pizzas because they are the easiest, best snack? Naan pizzas are the adult equivalent of that. Sweet… 

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Black Bean Burgers with Sriracha Aioli

What I Ate This Week | Black Bean Burgers with Sriracha Aioli (Because aioli is kind of my thing now)

Yes, I realize this is the second post involving aioli this week. It’s like when I discovered peanut sauce and went through a phase when I put it on everything. (Okay, that wasn’t a phase. I still put peanut sauce on everything. Hush.) And maybe you’re all, “Hey Kiersten, aioli is so 2002″ and maybe… 

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Brussels Sprout, Tempeh & Soba Noodle Skillet Recipe

Recipe | Brussels Sprout, Tempeh & Soba Noodle Skillet

Every fall I seem to latch onto a different seasonal ingredient to obsess over. Two years ago, it was sweet potatoes. Last year, it was winter squash. I think this fall, it’s going to be Brussels sprouts. I have so many ideas for them and I want to post them all. Brussels sprouts! Everyday! Every… 

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Tempeh and Hummus Pita Pizzas

What I Ate This Week | Greek Pizzas with Cauliflower Hummus and (Healthy!) Fudge

Did I mention that I got Invisalign a few weeks ago? I don’t think I did. And really, I wouldn’t mention it here (because do you care? probably not), except for the fact that it seriously messes with my eating habits because you have to take the aligners out in order to eat. I can… 

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Sweet and Sour Tempeh Recipe

Recipe | Sweet and Sour Tempeh

If you’ve been a vegetarian for a while, maybe you remember that in the mid-aughts, Gardenburger was a really big deal. (Sidenote: Don’t you love the word “aught”? It’s so old timey.) When it came to vegetarian convenience foods, there was Gardenburger and there was Amy’s. But then Gardenburger went bankrupt and they were bought… 

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How to Make (Almost) Any Recipe Meatless

How to Make (Almost) Any Recipe Meatless

If you’re a vegetarian that doesn’t eat meat substitutes, remaking meat-based recipes can be a little bit daunting. But don’t let that stop you! There are several different options for omitting the meat and replacing it with whole food alternatives. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and I’ve done my best to outline them… 

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Tempeh Tacos Recipe

Recipe | Tempeh Tacos from Betty Goes Vegan

I get migraines. Crazy migraines. Migraines that make me see strange glowing orbs. Migraines that make me leave hair salons in ambulances. But the worst thing about my migraines is that they cause me to have weird aversions to certain foods. So, for example, when I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch… 

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Pappardelle with Artichokes & Arugula

What I Ate This Week | Breaking Out the Cookbooks

Obviously, I am a big fan of food blogs (duh, I am a food blogger), but the one downside to all my food blog reading is that I forget about all my old cookbooks. My poor, neglected cookbooks! After doing my review of Martha Stewart’s Meatless last week, I decided dust off some of those… 

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Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes Recipe

Recipe | Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes + Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tempeh

Last week I wrote a post about tofu for tofu haters. Today, I’m going to tackle another tricky vegetarian protein: tempeh. I promise you, tempeh is not that strange of an ingredient. Really! Even my small town grocery store sells tempeh. Like tofu, tempeh is a starting point, not a finished product–if you buy it,… 

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What I Ate This Week + Ginger Peach Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

My husband’s parents visited us this week and we ate at a lot of restaurants. A lot. And although I kept trying to remind myself to photograph my meals, whenever my plate arrived at the table, I would inevitably forget. So this week’s post might not have many meal ideas. But it does have an… 

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Chickpea Burger and Acorn Squash

What I Ate This Week | Type A Favorites

I usually like to include a lot of links to recipes from other websites in these posts, but this week I mostly made my own recipes–some of our favorites, in fact! So please forgive my shameless self-promotion. It’s actually less about self-promotion and more about my ongoing photo do-over project. I’m hoping that by June,… 

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Chocolate Dipped Clementines

What I Ate This Week | New Year, Old Recipes

I have an obscene amount of recipes that I’ve cut out from magazines, so nearly everything I make is either something new or something I’ve come up with myself for my blog. But this week, I made some old favorites. And some new things too! Here’s what I ate this week: Chocolate Dipped Clementines with… 

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Vegetarian Irish Stew with Sweet Potatoes & Tempeh

Recipe: Vegetarian Irish Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Tempeh

I am not a big holiday person. In fact, I’m kind of a party pooper when it comes to holidays. On St. Patrick’s Day, I make an effort not to wear green. Because if I accidentally do wear green? Well, someone might think I’m in the holiday spirit. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?… 

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