Shallot and Shiitake Gravy

Recipe | Shallot and Shiitake Gravy

I had a pretty big freak-out over this post because I realized that I didn’t have a gravy boat right before I was ready to start photographing it. In my head, I had a gravy boat. But in reality? No gravy boat. I found an article on gravy boat alternatives from The Kitchn, which was… 

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Raw Pumpkin Seed Pesto Recipe

Recipe | Raw Pumpkin Seed Pesto + Raw Food Resources for Beginners

One misconception I always had about raw foods was that it was all either terribly boring or way too involved for me to bother with. I had no interest in schlepping all over town for weird ingredients and buying special equipment online or spending 8 hours sprouting seeds and another 4 hours dehydrating them for… 

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Ginger Orange Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Ginger Orange Cranberry Sauce

Recipe by me, photos by Rikki Snyder. I know this is very uncool of me, but I love canned cranberry sauce. Love it! When Thanksgiving is over and it’s on clearance, I always buy a few cans. I love the satisfying PLLLLOP! it makes as it comes out of the can and I love how… 

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Wild Mushroom Gravy

Recipe | Wild Mushroom Gravy

Recipe by me, photos by Rikki Snyder Before I stopped eating meat, turkey was always an afterthought for me on Thanksgiving. It was the gravy and mashed potatoes, the cranberries, the green bean casserole–those were what I really loved to pile on my plate. The turkey was just an obstacle–my mom would make me it… 

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Roasted Vegetarian Puttanesca Sauce

Recipe | Roasted Vegetarian Puttanesca Sauce

I’m not a lazy cook, but I’m also not opposed to a few shortcuts now and then. One shortcut that I use a lot is jarred pasta sauce. Because it’s easy! And if you buy the right brand, it tastes good too. Or, at least, good enough. (Sometimes good enough is good enough, you know?… 

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Balsamic Ketchup

How To Make Your Own Balsamic Ketchup

I have a deep love and appreciation for ketchup. (You’ve seen my Cranberry Chipotle Ketchup recipe, right?) So naturally, when I saw that Heinz was introducing a ketchup made with balsamic vinegar, I decided that I needed to try it immediately. And then I found out it wasn’t available everywhere; it seemed the stores I… 

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