Raspberry Banana Chia Smoothie Recipe

Recipe | Raspberry Banana Chia Smoothie

The day after we got back to Raleigh last week, I woke up with tonsils so swollen, I could barely swallow water, a non-stop hacking cough and I sounded like Big Ang when I tried to talk. (Yes, I realize that exactly two of you get the Big Ang reference, but I’m okay with that.)… 

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Peach Melba Greek Yogurt Shake

KitchenAid Hand Blender Review + Peach Melba Shake Recipe

If I had to make a list of the small appliances I use most in my kitchen, my hand blender would be at the very top. I love hand blenders so much that when our traditional blender broke, I didn’t even bother searching for a replacement–between the hand blender and our food processor, the regular… 

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Raspberry Ginger Popsicles Recipe + Zoku Quick Pop Maker Giveaway

I’m not sure how it’s already May, but somehow it is. And even though summer is still a month away, lately it’s been feeling like it’s here already–the humidity, the afternoon downpours, the heat. Even the spring produce is quickly being replaced by summer fruits and veggies at the farmers market. Clearly this could mean… 

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Chocolate Lambic Cupcakes

Recipe | Chocolate Lambic Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Lambic, in case you didn’t know, is the best beer ever. Yes, it’s true. It’s a Belgian beer and it’s fermented differently than other beers, using wild yeasts and bacteria instead of brewer’s yeasts. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) The most well-known lambics are the ones made with the addition of fruit–Framboise, Kriek, and Peche (raspberry, cherry, and… 

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Braised Brussels Sprouts

What I Ate This Week | The Joys of Junk Food

I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables during the week, but on Saturdays, I like to treat myself to things that have no nutritional value whatsoever. Usually this means going out to eat with my husband and getting dessert or buying a Vosges bar (I’m sadly addicted to the Barcelona). But this… 

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Raspberry Peach Fruit Leather Rolls

Recipe: Raspberry Peach Fruit Leather (Yes, you can make fruit leather without a dehydrator!)

I love fruit leather, but those little single packages that they sell at the grocery store are expensive. I knew there had to be a better way and thanks to Google, I found that, yes, it was possible to make fruit leather at home without a food dehydrator. I was a little bit worried when… 

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