Easiest Pasta Bake

What I Ate This Week | The Easiest Pasta Bake and a Thank You!

Before I get to what I ate this week, I just want to say thank you for all of your support on the launch of Potluck. I really appreciate the tweets, pins, and recipe submissions! We have a lot of tasty content planned over the next few weeks. Thanksgiving-related content! Vegetarian Thanksgiving-related content! So be… 

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Apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal

What Kare from Kitchen Treaty Ate This Week (+ an Easy Apple-Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe!)

I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit and have some of my favorite veggie bloggers do guest What I Ate This Week posts once a month. This month’s post is from Kare, who blogs over at Kitchen Treaty. I love Kare’s blog because her posts never fail to make me laugh and because… 

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What I Ate This Week + Ginger Peach Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

My husband’s parents visited us this week and we ate at a lot of restaurants. A lot. And although I kept trying to remind myself to photograph my meals, whenever my plate arrived at the table, I would inevitably forget. So this week’s post might not have many meal ideas. But it does have an… 

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Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

Recipe | Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

When I was in college, I often started my day with a weight loss shake. I’m not gonna name names, but they rhymed with GrimFast. They were pretty disgusting (and kind of tasted like the can they came in–because really, who doesn’t like a gritty metallic chocolate flavored shake first thing in the morning?), but… 

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Sweet Charlie Strawberries

What I Ate This Week | It’s strawberry season!

Last Saturday we trekked to Raleigh to go to the state farmers market. Despite getting caught in a sudden downpour, it was worth the trip: we left with bags brimming full of juicy red strawberries, freshly baked bread, and some more plants for the garden. But it’s the strawberries that I’m most excited about… Sweet… 

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Vanilla Blackberry Overnight Oatmeal

What I Ate This Week + Vanilla Blackberry Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

I am still on my overnight oatmeal kick–I’ve eaten it for breakfast every morning this week. In fact, I like it so much that the thought of eating warm oatmeal is now unpalatable to me. (Who knew it was so much better cold?!) Having exhausted my supply of cheap mangoes, I’ve moved onto other fruits,… 

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Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal

Recipe | Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal

Having never lived in the tropics, I can’t really tell you when mango season is. But I do know that a few times a year, there’s suddenly an abundance of champagne mangoes at the grocery store. They’ll be strategically positioned at the front of the produce section, boxes stacked precariously on top of each other…. 

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