Tempeh Tacos Recipe

Recipe | Tempeh Tacos from Betty Goes Vegan

I get migraines. Crazy migraines. Migraines that make me see strange glowing orbs. Migraines that make me leave hair salons in ambulances. But the worst thing about my migraines is that they cause me to have weird aversions to certain foods. So, for example, when I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch… 

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Baked Sriracha Butternut Squash Fries Recipe

Recipe | Baked Sriracha Butternut Squash Fries

I am perpetually counting calories. Which is a whole lot of fun! Perhaps this is just my perception, but it sure seems like the food blogging world is full of the “Oh gosh, I just eat whatever I want and I never workout!” types who weigh 110 pounds and post six dessert recipes a week,… 

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Rosemary Roasted Carrots Recipe

Recipe | Rosemary Roasted Carrots

Recipes by me, photos by Rikki Snyder. Even though I have a food blog, I have to confess that I get overwhelmed when cooking a few things at once. Does that happen to you too, or am I just especially weak and easily confused? It seems like the more I have going on in the… 

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Banana Chai Breakfast Shake

Recipe | Banana Chai Breakfast Shake

One of the things I love about food blogging is that it’s rarely a one-sided conversation. There’s a lot of back-and-forth and I always appreciate when people share their ideas with me in comments and emails. When I published my recipe for Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shakes, a lot of the feedback I got went something… 

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Strawberry Banana Fruit Leather

Make Your Own Strawberry Banana Fruit Leather

I’ve posted fruit leather recipes before, but if I haven’t convinced you yet, let me try again: making your own fruit leather is super easy. Super easy. And when you make it yourself, you’re making it without food coloring, without sugar, and without artificial flavors. Just fruit, nothing else. This is a great summertime activity… 

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Recipe | Orange Cardamom Chocolate Mousse (Dairy-Free!)

Sometimes I think I have a touch of synesthesia. Example? Whenever I cook or bake with cardamom, I think of fuzzy argyle sweaters. I was quite sure this was another symptom of that pesky synesthesia. Next thing you know, I’ll start tasting numbers, right? Or hearing rainbows. (I bet they sound like ABBA!) But then… 

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Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

Recipe | Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

When I was in college, I often started my day with a weight loss shake. I’m not gonna name names, but they rhymed with GrimFast. They were pretty disgusting (and kind of tasted like the can they came in–because really, who doesn’t like a gritty metallic chocolate flavored shake first thing in the morning?), but… 

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Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal

Recipe | Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal

Having never lived in the tropics, I can’t really tell you when mango season is. But I do know that a few times a year, there’s suddenly an abundance of champagne mangoes at the grocery store. They’ll be strategically positioned at the front of the produce section, boxes stacked precariously on top of each other…. 

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Strawberry Mango Fizz Smoothie

Recipe: Strawberry Mango Fizz Smoothie

I love smoothies, especially during summertime. They’re cold and fruity and creamy–what’s not to love? Oh, that’s right, the calories. My favorite smoothie from a smoothie place that shall remain nameless is over 400 calories. For the medium size. For a smoothie that contains mango, green tea, and vanilla frozen yogurt. Ridiculous, right? In my… 

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