ModKat Litter Box Review

ModKat Litter Boxes
I love my cats, I really do. But one thing I hate about having cats is that so many things made for cats are just not my taste. At. All. I’m not really into cutesy things and the utilitarian litter boxes and scratching posts are okay, but they lack personality. So naturally, I’m loving the trend of cat products with a clean, modern aesthetic–it’s nice to be able to buy my cats things that I don’t feel the need to hide when people come over. Things that (gasp!) fit into our decor and don’t look glaringly out of place.

ModKat Litter Box

As soon as I unpacked the ModKat, Miso decided it was his new favorite thing.

To me, the pinnacle of this cat-people-have-taste-too trend is the ModKat litter box. I have coveted them for a few years now and I finally got to try one myself and I’m loving it. Obviously, what attracted me to ModKat is the appearance. It looks like no other litter box on the market. Who knew a litter box could be sophisticated, right? And I love that it fits into corners so well–it’s perfect to put in an out-of-the-way place, but it looks so good that you don’t have to hide it. I chose to receive the white ModKat box, but it comes in a variety of other colors as well–I think when I get box #2 (oh, and you better believe there will be a second box!), I’m going to go for yellow.

Although my initial attraction to the ModKat was the appearance, what really made me fall in love with it is the entrance on the top of the box. If you don’t own cats, this may mean nothing to you, but anyone with cats knows exactly why this is so good–reduced tracking. One of our cats has a wonderful habit of kicking massive amounts of litter out of the box whenever she uses it. She digs and digs and digs until she reaches the bottom of the box and then she feels she can do her bizness. With the ModKat, she still digs, but the litter doesn’t leave the box. I really cannot emphasize enough how much less litter we have in the house after switching to the ModKat. We still have traditional litter boxes on the second floor and the difference is night and day. I also like the reusable liner that fits in the box–it makes for much easier cleaning and the cats don’t seem to mind it (they’re not too fond of the disposable liners they sell in pet stores).

ModKat Litter Box

See that top? It catches all the stray litter particles.

That said, there is one big drawback–we have four cats and only three will use the ModKat. Our older cat, Frida, is just too stuck in her ways to use it. If you have an older cat or a cat that’s picky about where they go, ModKat may not be for you. However, if you’re on the fence and still want to give ModKat a try, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. Even though Frida won’t use the ModKat, our other three cats seem to prefer it to their old boxes–we’ve definitely noticed more “deposits” in the ModKat than there are in the other litter boxes.

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I received a ModKat litterbox in order to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own. I only write about products that I love on The Type A Housewife.


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  1. says

    That is the best looking litter box I have ever seen. I think Lizzie Tu would love it, but I can’t see Callie Ann even getting close. Callie Ann is a timid cat and runs at any sound or movement. Lizzie Tu is not afraid of anything and would be all over it.

  2. Robyn says

    Wow ! I like this ! I would have so much time left on my hands not cleaning up the litter all over the place, I don’t know what I could do !

    Perhaps go take a class or two ! Best I have seen and would so love to own one !

    • Kiersten says

      We used to clean the floor on a daily basis, but we’d still get little bits of litter stuck to our feet when we walked around. So gross! I just wish Frida would use the box so we could replace ALL of them with the ModKat–the top entry really makes a big difference!

  3. Rita says

    I just bought one and hope it works. We have 3 cats and I put it in the room with 2 of their regular boxes yesterday. As of this morning no one had tried it out. I took one of the 2 litter boxes out so now they have one regular box an one ModKat. Hope it works. Any hints on getting them interested in it?

    • Kiersten says

      We have four cats and three of them love the ModKat and the other one does not. Here’s information that the rep from ModKat gave me about acclimating your cats to the new box:

      Put some litter from the old litter box into the ModKat so they can smell it and it may help them to know where to go.

      Remove the old litter box completely.

      Put them on the top so they see the entry hole and let them jump off themselves, this may help them to become more familiar with the box.

      If that doesn’t help, we have one more suggestion for you. Put your old litter box back and place ModKat next to it. Take off the lid of the ModKat for a few days and let your cat inspect it at their pace, after a few days put the lid back for one more day. On the 3rd or 4th day take away the old litter box and see if your cat tries out the ModKat.

      I hope at least one of those will work for you. I think sometimes it takes a little time–you know how cats are! :)

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