Our Favorite Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternatives

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If you’re dairy-free or vegan, it can be hard to find good yogurt alternatives, whether for a breakfast or dessert recipe, or for baking. After trying these yogurt alternatives, I found my morning breakfast options expanded significantly, and I began using dairy-free yogurt in all kinds of vegan dessert recipes. Check out our favorite dairy-free yogurt alternatives!

Kite Hill

kite hill key lime dairy free yogurt alternative

You can’t go wrong with Kite Hill. Their cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt all taste so similar to the real thing, making this a great option for those who are just beginning to go dairy-free or vegan. If you prefer almond milk to other kinds of dairy-free milk alternatives, then you’ll love Kite Hill’s almond yogurts. My favorite is the key lime. This citrusy flavor tastes great with some granola and sprinkled coconut shavings.


daiya peach dairy free yogurt alternative

I love Daiya for their meltable shredded cheese and dairy-free pizzas. This is why I wasn’t surprised when I loved their yogurts too! Their yogurts are packed with calcium, protein, and real pieces of fruit. My favorite Daiya yogurt is the peach flavor. It tastes straight from the orchard, and tastes even better with granola and fresh slices of peach on top!

So Delicious

so delicious dairy free coconut milk yogurt alternative

So Delicious offers single serving sized yogurts, as well as larger containers, which makes this yogurt alternative more convenient. I love the vanilla and chocolate flavors, but what I really love about So Delicious yogurts is being able to have a big container of coconut milk yogurt in my fridge for vegan tarts and pies. I used this yogurt for making creams and creamy sauces too. This is a vegan kitchen staple.

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