Non-GMO Soybeans? Yup, They Exist!

Signature Soybeans
I like to make my own soy milk and tofu. A few years back I discovered this was possible, and the milk-making became a regular practice, and tofu an occasional treat when I had the time. The funny thing is, I started doing this mainly because I liked the idea of knowing exactly what was going into my soy milk and tofu, but I never really gave the beans I was using a second thought. I pretty much got in the habit of grabbing a giant bag of whatever was available at the Asian market.

So when Signature Soy offered me a couple of bags of their non-GMO soybeans, I was pretty excited, not just because I had some new material for milk and tofu making, but also because I really like that their beans are non-GMO and come from a family farm owned by people who seem really dedicated to producing quality beans.

Signature Soy offers a few different varieties of soybeans, each intended for making a different type of product – soy milk, tofu, sprouts and natto. Being a soy milk and tofu maker, those are the two varieties I tried. The soy milk was deliciously creamy and clean tasting. I was really impressed by the tofu beans though. These have a higher protein content, so in theory they produce a better batch of tofu. I’m not sure what I expected, but I actually got a batch of tofu that was way firmer and had better texture than anything I’ve ever made in my kitchen, and we all know texture and firmness are key to delicious stir-fryable tofu. The flavor was great too – if you’ve ever ordered tofu at an Asian restaurant and found it to be way tastier than the stuff in stores, give these beans a try.


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