Healthy Breakfasts That Are Satisfying Too

healthy breakfasts

Waking up on the weekdays is tough enough as it is, and trying to whip together an extravagant breakfast is simply out of the question. When you’re tired and trying to get out the door, don’t skip breakfast! You need a healthy and filling breakfast to have enough energy for the day. These healthy breakfasts will keep you going all day long, and better yet, they’re full of flavor so you’ll have something to jump out of bed for!

Mamma Chia Vitality Clusters

mamma chia vitality clusters healthy breakfasts

Chia seeds are the richest source of Omega-3s on the planet. They’re an excellent source of dietary fiber and a complete protein. Chia seeds have eight times the amount of Omega-3s than salmon, 25% more fiber than flaxseed, 30% more antioxidants than blueberries, two times more potassium than bananas, 70% more protein than soybeans, and two times more calcium than milk.

An easy way to get enough chia seeds in the morning is to have Mamma Chia’s Vitality Clusters. You can top yogurt with them, or you can mix them with almond milk, or even snack on them as they are. They’re soy, gluten and dairy-free, they have 10g of protein, and 1500mg Omega-3s.


mikeys muffins double chocolate chip english muffins healthy breakfasts

Mikey’s English muffins are gluten, dairy, grain and soy-free, and they’re non-GMO and certified paleo. The English muffins range in flavor from original to double chocolate chip. They’re high in protein and fiber, and low in carbs and calories. If you love topping toasted bread with avocado, peanut butter, or anything else, then Mikey’s breakfast varieties are the perfect breakfast for you. We love topping the original English muffins with Fiordifrutta fruit spreads, and topping the double chocolate chip muffins with almond butter!

Fiordifrutta Fruit Spreads

fiordifrutta organic fruit spread peach healthy breakfasts

These Italian fruit spreads are made with organic fruit and sweetened with apple juice. Jams and preserves are made with sugar, but fruit spreads are made without any added sugar. So you can enjoy a delicious, fruity spread on toast in the morning without the guilt of a sugary breakfast. Fiordifrutta yields 30% fewer calories than most other brands, and an exclusive room-temperature production process is used to optimally preserve the nutrients and flavors of the freshly-picked fruit. We tried the raspberry and peach fruit spreads, but they come in a variety of fruits.

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