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bestowed_giveaway Yes, it’s true, there’s another new subscription box service. I am so addicted to these things, I’m pretty sure my mail carrier hates me. But anyway! Content-wise, Bestowed Box is similar to Conscious Box and each month’s selections are put together by nutritionist Heather Bauer. I was sent a sample box and I was impressed with the number of full-sized products it contained.

I also liked that it didn’t have a lot of flyers, coupons, and other ephemera that I usually just end up tossing. I just want stuff! Not papers! The biggest downside is that there’s no vegetarian or vegan option when you’re subscribing. I got chicken jerky in my box, which was a little disappointing.

Bestowed Box Coupon Code Other than that, I have no complaints. This is one of the best subscription boxes I’ve gotten and if the quality remains consistent (some boxes start out fabulous and in a few months, they go way way WAY downhill), this is definitely a service I’d continue subscribing to. (And note that this is a subscription, so if you just want one box, you’ll have to cancel your subscription after that.)

Want to try out Bestowed Box yourself? Use the coupon code below to get $9 off your first box.


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